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Small Bedroom Decorating Photos Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make my bedroom a super cool place for me and my friends to hang out in?

    I can't really get new furniture or anything - I'm sorta stuck with the ones I got - but I can get new accessories/decorations and that kind of thing. My room is sorta small and I am not very neat so it gets very cluttered a lot and then it seems even smaller. I try to keep it as clean as I can, but I'm a very busy person, so I have a tendency to just fling stuff on my desk/bed/floor on my way out the door rather than take the time to put it away. Anyways, what I'm saying is, right now I have a very boring room. I would love to turn it (INEXPENSIVELY <-- that's important!!) into a super cool place for me and my friends to hang out in. How can I do that? Any suggestions/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance1

  2. How should i decorate my living room in my 1 bedroom apartment?

    The walls and carpet are white... My sofa and recliner are a cream color. My plasma is silver and i also have a silver tv stand(with glass) I have no clue about decorating so any tips would help. And please don't just say, put whatever i want up.

  3. How do I decorate a rented townhouse?

    I'm 24 and have been married for 3 years, my husband is in the military and we live in a townhouse that we're probably going to be in for the next 2 years, i have 1 and a half bath, and 2 bedrooms, what would look good but doesn't have to be permanant?

  4. What are some things I can do to decorate my bedroom?

    I'm finally getting my own room and I don't know what style I want to decorate it. I can't paint the walls but I am okay with the colour ( cream/beige) It's not that big but I want to have a space where I can concentrate on work , study etc. What are some other things I can include? Anything on the walls? Thanks for your help :) All answers are greatly appreciated.

  5. What is the difference between English Country and French Country decorating?

    Whenever I see photos of each style, they pretty much look the same. Is there a difference? I am trying to decide on a style for our bedroom. Thanks!!

  6. How to decorate small room?

    Hi guys, I just moved in to a house (will only be here a year) but my room is pretty small. Heck, perhaps I would consider it tiny. It should be around 100 sq ft. I have a Full Bed, and am planning to purchase a new desk. Are there any ideas as to what I could do to make the room look a tad more spacious and at the same time a contemporary yet clean bedroom that will also serve as a study area. I really enjoy black and white photography, but I don't know how frames on the wall will make my room look more spacious.

  7. How can I decorate my room?

    My room is square and has a small window which I cant reach. It has "the new type of rediators" which I hate and the room is kinda small. Well too small to put a full sized bed but big enough to fit a few items. How should I decorate it. For teens.

  8. What are some stylish tips to keep my bedroom tidy (im 17 by the way this year)?

    im from australia, and i would describe my room as glamorous, kind of 1920's style, beaded lampshades, pink and black polka dots, black and white photos, lots of ribbon, what are some stylish ways enkeeping with my personal style to keep my room orginised?

  9. I love IKEA's look. How can I decorate a 130 sq ft. bedroom with a budget?

    I have a small bedroom, only 130 sq feet [10x13] and I am trying to decorate it. I already have a futon that works for me and a divider/bookcase, along with some dressers, but how can I decorate it? Accents? Storage? Thanks so much!