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Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to make a Arabian princess bedroom..?

    My daughter wants her room to look like a Arabian princess room. Does anyone have any ideas or pictures i can look at. :)

  2. Is there anywhere I could learn how to decorate my home with a 18th century flare to it?

    I couldnt find anything online really.

  3. How do I decorate my new room?

    Okay so my older brother is going to college. He has the biggest room in the house. My parents said when he moves out I can have his room and turn my old room into a hangout place for me and my friends. I am a 16 year old girl. Any ideas for my new room or anything cool to do with my old room to make it a cool hang out for me and my friends. And please don't make it anything expensive, I have a super small budget.

  4. nictheme royal room for a 14 year old?

    im 14 and i like the whole princess idean theme room. i just dont want the baby version i want the mature princess.like golds and florals.anyone have any ideas or pics?

  5. Please help me with ideas for decorating my bedroom.......?

    I am a 17 year old girl and I am moving room in my house. The one I am moving into is bigger, and I can decorate it however I want. I am not a preppy stlye person. I would like a medieval, Lord of the Rings type theme. I have beautiful purple bedspread and love green aswell. What kind of colours should I use to paint? What furniture and ornaments should I use? Pillows, curtains, princess nets?? I have a sword and two lovely medieval portraitrs of girl warriors. Thank you, I am very excited!

  6. how can i do my room like marie antoinette style?(i need some good websites)?

    tolie,alice in wonderland,marie antoinette,french,european charm,pink,blue,purple,girl room

  7. Need ideas--Redecorating room for 4 yo boy/girl twins!?

    I'm looking for creative ideas for redecorating my 4 year old boy/girl twins' bedroom. They've outgrown their toddler beds and the babyish nursery decor. We're planning to get them bunk beds and I'd like to update the room. My boy is all "boy"--trucks and cars and the like--and my girl is all "girl"--pink and princesses and ponies. They do share a common love of animals, so I was thinking of doing some sort of animal theme. Any suggestions?

  8. Does anyone know where I can buy gothic room decor?

    Hey! So I'm redecorating my bedroom and I want to find some gothic decorations. I don't need any furniture like a bed frame and desk but I want to find some other things. I could put a cool chair in my room but I'm mostly looking for wall decor and just little things to put around the room. If anyone knows any websites or stores I would appreciate it! Thanks :).

  9. How do I decorate my room? Best answer!!?

    I will be 14 in a few months and I get really embarrassed when my friends come to my room because I still have like princess wallpapers and princess blinds and stuff so I want to redo my room. My mom won't let me paint or anything big. Just like new comforters and blinds and shades and decor and stuff. Please help with ideas of stuff.

  10. Ideas for youth group room?

    My church is organizing a youth group. We are going to be completely re-decorating it, but on a small budget. We were thinking about possibly painting each of the four walls a differant color. Any ideas on paint colors/combos, designs (e.g., stripes, or whatever), or decor (bean-bags, posters) would be really helpful. Thanks so much!

  11. what do you call the fancy curtains/headboard/canopy thing on a bed?

    like the first 2 pictures on http://www.interiormantra.com/bedroom-styles it atached to the wall/ceiling and kind of acts as a headboard i really want to know what it is called if you scroll towards the bottom you can see it here http://www.victorianalady.com/stegmaiermansiontour.html

  12. how should i decorate my room?

    ive been wanting to decorate my room for agess !! my walls are currently metallic purple, with white wardrobe's, desks, photo frames and doors. i love baby animals, pink, nature, photos, fashion and music. my room is kinda small.. and i have a massive window and a tv in my room.. [note: im 13 and a half] i cant spend to much... links, photos, ideas wanted !