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Kids Beach Bedroom Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How can I get a surfer style bedroom?

    I love brands like Fat Face, Billabong, Roxy etc. and the whole surfer look but I was wondering how to get that style in my bedroom? I've only got a tiny bedroom but I'm up for any suggestions - please add photos if you can.

  2. Which is the best Disney hotel for families?

    We are 2 families with 4 kids age 8 - 14 and want to spend 1 week in Disneyworld, Orlando. We definitely want to stay in one of the Disneyworld hotels. Can you tell me which one is the best for families - I have heard some are already really old and should not be used anymore?

  3. How to decorate a light purple room?

    I want the theme to be like anthropologie or urban outfitters. But it doesnt seem to match.

  4. What are some fun things to do over the holiday?

    Me and my mom want to do something fun over Christmas break, and we need more suggestions. We live in Toronto,Ontario and no snow there so we can't go tobogganing or build a snowman etc. We have done lots of shopping, and we only have 2 fun suggestions of stuff to do. Any other fun things to do?

  5. i need some ideas for a beach room? please help. i already have sand color paint help please thank you alot?

    yes. i do have paint a sand texture and sand color. I need decoration ideas. help thank you very much

  6. Your review on Carlsbad Seapointe Resort in California?

    For those who have been there, whats good and whats bad? how are the rooms?

  7. I need beach room decoration ideas. can you help?

    i already have the paint. now its time for decorations. i just moved into a new house. please help. thanks everyone -kate

  8. Going tropical on the Bedroom decor...?

    Ok, so I did some research, and there are countless questions on Tropical themed bedrooms... but all of the askers seem to be teen-aged kids, and all the answers are kind of tacky... I want to do something elegant and tasteful. I don't want fake plants or mosquito netting... Let's hear the suggestions :) Love the ideas... I was thinking I'd do a light green on the walls, white trim and a taupe accent wall... I have some stuff done already. The carpeting was recently replaced, it's a sandy color... I have gorgeous expensive furniture, that doesn't really go with the theme, but I just pretend it washed ashore! lol Have the window treatments finished (Wood blinds with green/gold/brown striped valance) I also collect chicken stuff, so I was leaning more towards doing a Florida Keys thing...

  9. Ideas to decorate a bedroom shared by son and daughter?

    I have a 11 year old boy and a 7 year old girl who share a bedroom. It's a mish mosh of Hannah Montana, High School Musical, skate boarding and sports. I want to make it unisex some how. My daughter isn't so girly to the point where she want's only pink and purple, she's very open to other colors. But I don't want her stuck in a room that's so boyish and I don't want my son stuck in a room so girlish. Neither of them are in to anything cutesy or too young. I feel like the only thing I can do is the basic blue and yellow celestial stuff, BORING! I'm not good with colors outside of the normal neutrals. There room is very small also. Any ideas? I really want them to have a great room!

  10. Where's all the creative mama's at?! I need idea's for a toddler's beach/nautical themed bedroom.?

    My husband and I are redoing our son's room as part of his birthday present. We have decided that we want to do a beachy/nautical style room. I have looked for bed sets and what not that go with the theme but so far I've not been impressed with any of them. Most of them are too patterned or look too babyish. We want this room to be able to last him for a few years. Do you have any idea's of decorations or colors or anything at all that you could help me out with? I want it to be cute and kid-appropriate but still nice... Any suggestions or idea's would be greatly appreciated! Great answers guys! I've gotten idea's from everyone! It's going to be hard to pick BA.. Thanks everyone!

  11. I need some room ideas/themes!!!?

    Ok, so i'm moving and have a new room. I want my room to be like a beach type theme. So any links/pictures would be great. Next I have a walk-in closet (not connected to my room) I know I want a pink/zebra stripes/princess look for my closet, again any links/pictures would be great! Third, my bathroom...I think i would like a paris theme for that but feel free to put any ideas up! And last I also may have a living room/hang out room. What would you do (if you were a teen or already are) for a hang out room. (colors, designs, things to hang up, etc.) Thanks for all the help!!!!

  12. I'm a teenager girl trying to redo my room! help!?

    Okay, so im redoing my room, its fairly large, but not a square bedroom, things i have to hold onto: my huge bed (its a full queen) and my love seat couch (its an off white color and its hideous, but you could give me links to couch covers that work in with the design, that would be awesome! ) as of now, my room is kind of Hawaiian, there is grass skirts on the wall, and my bedding is blue with Hawaiian flowers. I want to redo everything, i really like neon colors like the greens and yellows and oranges, my favorite colors are orange and yellow. Please help me!

  13. What furniture color goes with this painting?

    Alright, kids. Have at this one. I have this painting: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Beach-Sunrise-Hand-painted-Oil-Painting-Art-Set/4135105/product.html I know this is a little backward, but I'm getting new furniture and I would love to hang up the painting in the front room above a couch. However, I'm struggling with a color to go with the painting. I'm partial to this couch: http://www.awfco.com/living/1150%20Flat%20Suede%20Buff.html I just don't know if it'll work! I'm a guy without much of an eye for this stuff. I'm up for anything, please help me out. Obviously, I'm not going to ditch the painting, so I need to work around that. Thanks for the help, everyone!

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