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Master Bedroom Designs Questions Answered!

  1. Do you think zen style interior is recommended for a master bedroom?

    I'm designing a master bedroom, the problem is, it is lack of basic furniture pieces and It must have an inexpensive yet stylish furnishings, I used zen style to bring forth an ambiance of nature and to have an airy and a well thought design for the couple,I used greens and neutral colors that would make a scenic view of nature... low level furnishings was done. do you think zen style suites well?

  2. How much do you reckon you should pay for a fitted bedroom?

    Master bedroom in an average semi. One wall will have 2 robes and an over bed bridging cupboard and one wall will have just a wardrobe. (and can you recommend someone in Leeds area) For Johhnys benefit: Average semi? A 3 bed room semi detached house. Bridging Cupboard? Cupboards over the bed. 2 Robes? 2 Wardrobes SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Learn English I would say you should pay about 500 Euros: Answer in £ please not play money

  3. Is it ok to use different types of hardwood floors throughout your home?

    Our house is a 1.5 story 2 bedroom cape cod built around 1945. It has original hardwood floors in the living/dining area, however they never put them in the first floor master bedroom, which is adjacent to the living/dining area. Would it be a bad design choice to put a different color and type of hardwood floor in the master bedroom or do I have to attempt to match the original floor? I don't really care for the original floor, can't afford to replace it all and I can't do carpet because I have 3 children under 5 years old and another on the way and they like to stain carpets!!! Let me know what you think.

  4. How to automatically lock a second door when you manually lock the first door?

    Hello... I am designing a house with a Main Bathroom accessed obviously from the hallway. The thing is though, I would like to add a second door entry into the bathroom from a master bedroom that shares a partition with the bathroom. Obviously this would create a bathroom with two doors and accordingly the need to lock two separate doors when you use it. So the question is, does anyone know of a locking mechanisim (electronic, mechanical, electrical, etc) that could be installed that would when either of the two doors is locked automatically lock the other without the need to manually remember to lock both doors? Even a lock switch located centrally in the bathroom rather than locks controlled at the each of doors (I imagine something similiar to door entry system except in reverse - you press a switch to engage the lock rather than disengage it!) Thanks for any answers/comments Jamie.

  5. Can I design my bedroom with a sleek contemporary feel if I have traditional furniture ?

    I am looking to redo our master bedroom, I would like to use a monochromatic color scheme. I am leaning towards a more contemporary look, however my furniture is strictly traditional(four poster bed) brass hardware. Can I still utilize the look without having to replace the furniture?

  6. Why mater bedrooms are near the entrance?

    I am just curious to know why most of the home designs have master bedrooms near the entrance of the house? I would feel more secure to have my bedroom at the back of the house. I'm trying to find a home with master bedroom at the back and having a hard time.