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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors Questions Answered!

  1. Where is there an easy Feng Shui guide?

    Hi I have been trying to feng shui my bedroom and I have purchased many books and other things, but there just seems to be too many rules I cant grasp it all. I just want to know what colors/energies to put in each directions of the room. Is there a good source anyone can give me to get a laymans guide to feng shui?

  2. What color should i paint my small bedroom?

    I can't decide on which color i should paint my walls. I want my room to look bigger. I also want it to be peaceful and warm, almost like a feng shui bedroom. My floors are tan/brown.

  3. Any good color suggestions for feng shui bedroom color?

    I'm riping my room apart,patching holes,and getting ready for paint. Does anyone have any good suggestions for colors that are good for feng shui? I'm in need of some serious changes! Any other easy tips are also appreciated. : )

  4. What color should i paint my Bedroom according to Feng Shui?

    Does anybody know what color i should paint my new bedroom according to Feng Shui? I'm separating from my husband and i'm a model and actress and i just rented an apartment and i want to make the right choices since i believe in Feng Shui for health, love, fame, prosperity and wealth, thanks a lot.

  5. How do you use feng shui in a bedroom loft where you enter the room via the floor?

    What's the best feng shui for a loft bedroom where you enter the room from a doorway in the floor (ladder stairway) in the West, there is a dormer window sticking out in the East, built in closets on the South Wall and a ceiling slanted down on the North Wall? Also there is a closet on the Northwest wall next to the stairwell.

  6. Tips on How to Feng Shui a Bedroom?

    Or however you say it. I am a teen girl and I am redecorating my bedroom. I need tips on things do help with good Feng Shui. Where to put things, what colors to use, and website links would be great, also. All answers appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Best way to feng shui my north facing bedroom?

    I'm a teen. Also I need to put wallpaper on the south facing wall, so advice on patterns,colours please? Please only believers in feng shui to answer this.

  8. Feng shui in my master bedroom?

    Currently when you walk into the bedroom you face the foot of the bed. In what I have gathered from reading about Feng Shui this is not where you want your bed. Can it be on the same wall as the door? Is the color yellow ok for a bedroom? Should the tv be out of the bedroom? What if it is in a cabinet with doors that shut? is it true not to have mirrors in the bedroom? If there is a bathroom connected to the bedroom should it be curtained off from the bedroom? Is a cotton fabric headboard ok or should it be wood? Thanks for your help.

  9. How to color coordinate my bedroom?

    I really want the Feng Shui feel in my bedroom, very calming colors but I'm not artistic. lol. My favorite colors are: Greens, Blues, Purples and any beiges/tans/neutrals Can you give me some examples for a wall color and then maybe other colors to accent in the bedroom?

  10. I have to walk through bathroom to get to my bedroom, How to solve it in Feng Shui?

    I live with my sister and she built more room upstairs behind the bathroom and a new room happens to be my bedroom , I have to walk through the bathroom. How can I solve it in Feng Shui way? Should I put anything in the bathroom?

  11. feng shui colours for my bedroom?

    hi. im giving my room a makeover and am going to be painting the walls but im having trouble choosing a colour that will promote good feng shui. im thinking maybe pastel greens but im not too sure. any tips?

  12. Feng Shui - Our Bedroom - I am east and my husband is west?

    We are moving and I want to try setting up our new home using feng shui. To start, our bedroom. Windows both East and West, door to hall and door to bathroom both South. He is West metal 6 and I am East fire 9? Oppisites create balance... but our bedroom?! Our wall choices are feet facing south, east, or west. From all I have read one of us is doomed. Please help! Our new jobs and healing relationship need it!

  13. Anyone used Feng Shui and do you think it has merit?

    I can see how some of it's teachings are useful...(certain colors make you feel more tense or calm, or the "cluttered home, a cluttered mind" saying.) Has anyone used Feng Shui techniques such as putting objects in pairs(for a mate), no mirrors in the bedroom, placing water features in your "Money direction", etc?? Thanks!

  14. Good feng shui? Will a single betta fish in a small bowl attract good feng shui?

    I have several betta fish in individual bowls or vases (large and small) in different rooms of my house. Is this good or bad for feng shui purposes? I keep the water very clean, but I wonder if this type of lone dwelling fish attracts positive energy or negative?

  15. How can I design my room to be feng-shui style?

    I want to design my room to fit the rules of feng shui. Please help with topics such as: COLOUR ARRANGEMENTS BED PLACEMENT OBJECTS (eg. desk, drawers, plants...)

  16. What would be an ideal color for a bedroom with North and West sunlight exposure?

    I've been getting into Feng Shui and the spiritual meaning of colors and how the color of a room can greatly affect your moods and life in general. The bedroom I've chosen has North and West exposure. My goal is to create a room with a harmonious and warm welcoming feeling, nothing that would make me freak when I wake up or get me too hyped up before goin to sleep. Help please??

  17. how can i decorate my bedroom to make it romantic and sexy?

    i want to decorate my bedroom to be very sexy and romantic feeling. i would like to get satin sheets and just really just go all out, maybe paint the walls, etc. i would also like to incorporate feng shui as well. i would also like to know if i did get satin sheets what would you use for a comforter/bedspread? or do you put anything on top? i am getting alot of answers that are incorporating golds and reds...when i invision my room i tend to see it darker, and i was originally thinking dark purples.... i was just wandering what anyone thought of those colors. and if i got purple satin sheets what i would use for a cover over that, comforter,duvet?