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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Questions Answered!

  1. Feng Shui tips for a bedroom?

    Feng Shui tips for a bedroom...for a 20something, single, female. Bed, tv, desktop pc & laptop, bookcase, religious statues Catholic & Buddist. One very large window, one closet (small not walk in). Built in shelves. The walls are white, and the floors wood, no carpet. Feng Shui me? Thanks!

  2. Feng Shui tips to lighten a dark room?

    I have a walk-in closet off of my bedroom that is in desperate need of some good, positive vibes. It could use something to lighten the look and feel of it. There are no windows in this room, or the bathroom attached to it, right now just bare white white walls with wooden shelves and rods. Anybody with feng shui tips on what I could give it a lighter, brighter feel? To those of you who suggested I turn on a light--um, I'm not stupid guys. This is more than just about turning on a light. I wanted to add more love and light to the room. To the others who gave me valid suggestions, I thank you. I can't choose just one b/c I like them all and will probably try them all.

  3. Any feng shui tips for my bedroom?

    I just read about feng shui and it's kinda scary anyway I'm planning to rearrange furniture in my room to make it look better and I want my bed next to my window but if I do that my door will be directly across my bed or whatever but I really want the bed to go there... help? And some tips are helpful too can someone please answer?

  4. Any random feng shui tips for my new apartment?

    I am moving into a new apartment with my baby and boyfriend on Saturday. It is a main floor of a house. I am just wondering what some feng shui tips anyone may have are to keep in mind while unpacking and arranging stuff.

  5. How to decorate my room according to feng shui?

    Could you give basic instructions for decorating a bedroom according to feng shui? My bedroom has two windows towards West and North.There are two doors opposite to each other. One is not used (glass - towards North) the other one (wood) opens inside the house. I have two bookshelves. Thanks,

  6. Feng Shui tips for my bedroom to make my life more exciting?

    i want adventure, travel, romance, and excitment in my life. what are some changes i can make in my bedroom to get me what i want using feng shui? thank you so very much!

  7. Can anyone tell me some of FENG SHUI tips for increasing fame and confidence?

    actually I need to know abt some of those good feng shui stuffs which are available in market.well some ordinary home tips can also do. Talking abt those stuffs.please tell me also their placement(positioning) in the living or bedroom.........

  8. How do I use feng shui in a small child's bedroom?

    My 4-year old daughter's room is relatively small. The only spot her bed will fit is in line with the door, with her feet facing out into the hallway. The bathroom is directly across the hall. I know this is very bad feng shui, but I cannot rearrange her room. Any tips?

  9. Can you give me tips about furniture positioning to be "feng shui" friendly?

    I am particularly interested in how the bed should be positioned in the bedroom and any other information you might care to share. Do you believe in the principles of feng shui? Thanks

  10. What does it mean when my bed in reflected in the mirror according to Feng Shui?

    I'm trying to make my room more Feng Shui, But I have closet doors that are mirrors and I can't help my bed being reflected, will it affect it in a bad way?

  11. Where in a small house should I set up a home office?

    Would it be better to set it up in an extra bedroom, or in a common area? Tips from anyone that works from home or has worked from home would be great...Even open to feng shui advice.

  12. Tips on how to make my bedroom a happier place?

    Sort of like, Feng Shui. I want my bedroom to have a more positive aura about it; it's fairly small, yellow walls, posters covering every wall from the ceiling to the floor, my computer and tv are in there too, although the tv doesn't work. Any tips please? Greatly appreciated :)

  13. What are some tips for feng shuiing my room?

    I dont want books or anything i have to buy, i just want what you know about the art of feng shui and how I can rearrange my room. Links to websites are fine =] do you need to now the layout of my bedroom...if so please tell me and i can try to get a picture up as soon as possible =]

  14. feng shui...we are getting our house ready to move into and I need some basic tips before painting.?

    Do you know of any, to the point, accurate, web sites that explain colors and positioning of feng shui (sp?). We are picking out our colors tomorrow for the house. I know almost nothing about feng shui at this point, however have heard that it is connected with your zodiac in some ways. Are there any web sites that explain this so I can figure out what my elements mean in my house.