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Wedding Bedroom Decoration Photo Questions Answered!

  1. I want to decorate my bedrrom using stuff from my wedding. I need ideas?

    My bed takes up alot of space, and we have a computer, a vanity, and an exercise machine...none of which are romantic ideas for a bedroom.. I have candles, pillow, baskets, flower petals-fake, pictures, guest book, pen, cake topper and ring box. These are all white. There are also red roses, stuffed bears [red & white] and cards we have given each other over the years. I don't want to go overboard, but would like to bring a warm, romantic feel to the room. I don't think these things should be hidden --but rather seen and embraced.

  2. Cool Ideas for a teen girls bedroom?

    I'm looking for cool ideas for my bedroom. It's medium sized and I live in a rented town home so I can't really paint the walls.I also want it to be bright and cheery yet a place where I can go and relax. I'm 14 years old & into anime, writing and reading, drawing and music. I love the colors blue, black, pink, red, and yellow. And I love to have pictures of my friends around me.

  3. ££ Loft Conversion...pricey stuff? ££?

    How much on average in the UK will a loft conversion cost.....Im useless with measurements so lets just say its a big loft!

  4. Issue with sister, should I permanently stop talking to her?

    Hi am 19, my sister is 23 and I hate her, here is what has been going on between us lately... She thinks she is so clever and that she is a know it all, I have 4 older brothers and we all live together as one big family. My parents are currently redecorating our house and they take nobody elses opiniion of what color and decoration type the: living room, bedrooms, corridors and bathrooms are. They only ask her and she is like the boss of the house and then she lies to my parents that she goes to work and stuff when she is actually hanging around with her boyfriend and spending time with him and taking nude pictures which was found in her room by our parents. Her boyfriend is a player that goes around telling every1 that he dated her, he is just using her but she is crazy about him. Despite of all this my parents still doubt her behaviour and attitude and wonder why she is like that, when the truth is that they pamper her too much and that is why she is spoiled. She talks very disrespectfully towards us, she thinks she knows best and is always correct at everything. She also loves stirring up arguments between me and my brothers e.g. few days ago she dared to me to go and spill water on my brothers back and I refused so she started teasing me saying "oh are you scared of him?" and then the next morning I heard her saying to my older brother that you're scared of Zain (me). Then we went shopping and I wasn't going to buy decent suit to wear a family wedding and am a little overweight so this suit that I had tried on was tight for me and my mom and my brothers were on the other far corner of the store, and my sister was watching me trying on the suit and when it was tight the man said u will need a bigger size as u are carrying alot of pies. So my sister started laughing, then my brother came and asked what happened and my sister said nothing. I was happy thinking that man made a bad remark which was embarrasing and she kept it on the downlow. But then when we all got in the car she started laughing and told everyone and they all started laughing. Am trying to lose weight by excercising everyday but it is so hard!!. Then today she found an old photograph of mine, and came to the living room and said to me "Have u seen this picture of yourself when u were 7? ur not even looking at the camera, u are staring at those little girls", u little pervert. Everyone started laughing, so I said to her its a very old photo and I tore it in half and threw it away and she said "why did u throw the photo away?, u stupid idiot, then my mom said "that is ur childhood memory, u cud show it to ur kids in the future", and my sister said "He is probably embarassed to show his future kid as they will think of their daddy as a perv". Then I got angry and in order to get back at her, I remembered an incident of when my parents found her nud photos and she told them that was ages ago, but for crying out loud she was 19-20 around my age. So I responded bak to her saying "atleast I was immature and young in this photo unlike u who takes dirty pictures and claims that it was ages ago wen u were my age and were clearly a mature adult. She then shouted calling me fat, and so I told her to stfu, she continued to make fun of me, so I said shut up u dress like a prost***te. She then insulted me bak and said don't talk to me from today, and I was like ok fine whatever. SORRY IT IS LONG BUT THIS IS WHAT THE SITUATION IS, what do u think I should do? should I just quit talking to her? the advantage of not talking to her is that this way she doesn't talk to me, and I don't talk talk to her, so luckily she won't be able to bother me.

  5. What are ways to use silk lanterns for INDOOR decorating?

    I have silk lanterns from Vietnam-I got them for my wedding and now since my wedding event is over I now have 25 huge, gorgeous lanterns. I really want ideas into incorporating them into my home decorating since I don't want to give all of them away and they are just too beautiful to let go to waste (only use them for a party event). Lantern information: Shape = round, tear drop, and oblong Colors = purple, dark red, fuchsia, and white (with various patterns on silk) Thank you! I also appreciate any photos of examples. I have searched Rate My Space, House Beautiful, etc but haven't found many examples. I truly appreciate any input :) Another shape forgot to include-diamond

  6. What happens at a Christening?

    I have to go to my niece's Christening ceremony, in a months time. I have no clue what happens though. What is appropriate attire? Do I need to buy a gift? If so what? Do I have to sit through an entire mass? I know this sounds silly, but I am not Catholic. I am actually not religious, in any way. If you could give me a brief overview, it would be so very appreciated. I want to be on my best behaviour and avoid asking dumb questions at the actual ceremony. BQ- How to avoid the dreaded grandmother questions? She has already started asking my husband an I when we are having children, and did not like my answer. She lectured me on having kids before I get too old. I'm 23 and my husband is 26. How do I avoid having to answer that we are not having our non-existant children Christened? She will cause a scene if I tell her we aren't coupled with the fact that we plan on waiting a whole 4 years to start trying to have babies. I know it sounds dumb, but she started making plans for kindergarten as soon as she found out my sister-in-law was pregnant. She has already banned several schools and decided where she will go to bible school, etc. I am not kidding. Please help me avoid drama over children who don't exist yet. I don't want to ruin a perfectly good celebration.