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Best Bedroom Colors Questions Answered!

  1. What are the tops five bedroom colors for a women's bedroom?

    I want to know the top five bedroom colors for a women's bedroom?

  2. What is the best color to paint wicker bedroom furniture?

    I bought a used wicker bedroom set. It is white and I want to paint it. My bedroom colors are brown and olive green. I thought about painting it dark brown. Should I leave it white? Another choice was a nice green color. Decision, decisions. I need help. What are your suggestions? Will it be too much to paint it a sage. Decorators I am waiting for your reply.

  3. What color can I use as an accent color?

    My bedroom colors are grey and cream what could I use as an accent color. My cream has been moving to beige but I don't know how well that would work with grey. grey carpet and cream furniture. how will silver acents work

  4. I want to paint my bedroom what colors should go with ideas?

    I want to paint my bedroom what colors should go with ideas? I like bright colors.my bed is black im17

  5. Can someone help me with some paint colors?

    I want to paint my master bathroom and do an accent wall in my bedroom. My comforter set is gold and rust. All my walls are beige. I want the bathroom and bedroom colors to cordinate. I do know I want BOLD colors. Please help because I am going to Lowe's in a few. Thanks!!

  6. What is the best colour to paint a bedroom?

    I was going to paint my bedroom walls a deep red with white as the secondary colour (borders/doors). The only problem is red is an aggressive colour and I doubt it would go well with a bedroom. Does anyone have experience with red bedrooms or have any recommendations for bedroom colours?

  7. I have cherrywood furniture in my bedroom need color for walls?

    With cherrywood furniture in the bedroom what color would you suggest for the wall? I don't have window treatments yet either. Thanks for your suggestions.

  8. I want to paint my bedroom what colors should go with ideas?

    I want to paint my bedroom what colors should go with ideas? I like bright colors.my bed is black im17

  9. Do you have any decorating ideas for a glam and Hollywood theme with purple?

    My bedroom colors are purple but I want to do a glam and Hollywood thing so any ideas.

  10. What r the most modern colours 4 bedrooms and dining rooms????

    I want 2 know the most modern colours 4 bedrooms and dining rooms....for the bedrooms i need teen girls' bedroom colours ....can u help???

  11. How do you think walls painted brown would look?

    My bedroom colors are shades of pink and brown. i want a more grown up look without doing a total room makeover. so i was thinking about painting my walls brown...like a rich brown. yes? no?

  12. Bedroom color for black and white photography theme?

    Okay, so I'm not sure what color will go well . Im going to be using black and white photos and my current bed is black. Can you guys give me some bedroom color ideas so I can paint my room, and if you can add a link for me to look at the color. Thank You

  13. what color to do a ceiling, red feature wall and 3 walls a shiny white gold or shiny light beige?

    i intend to do a red/maroon feature wall with a slight pattern of white gold not really sure on the other walsl or for the ceiling. i have put corniche/coving and have painted it the same color as the pattern in the red paper, i have painted wood work a teak color. would a dark ceiling be to much can't agree on bedroom colors i wanted complete deep red bedroom she didn't please help

  14. Do I need to add white paint before adding the color of my choice?

    Currently my bedroom color is light beige and I want to go for a darker beige. Can I just paint it over with dark beige right away? or do I need to add white paint before that?

  15. i wish to paint my bedroom what color do you think i should use?

    I have dark brown wardrobes, light grey carpet and dark blue L shape lounge suite in the TV corner section of the bedroom. Any color for the bed. I don't know what to do about curtains color too. do you know of any websites that can help too?

  16. Just bought a new house with white walls. What color should I do the bedroom in?

    I've already painted the living room "maple sugar" (porter paint), brown basically. I've already painted the kitchen a golden mustardy color "apollo gold" (porter paint). I'm going for a cozy warm tuscan look throughout but I'm stumped on the bedroom color! Any suggestions? Jewel, I was thinking of a green maybe. Do you have a sample name I could look up for what you are using? I love the cinnamon color too, we're using that in our office!

  17. How do I choose a bedroom color?

    I know, I know, find a bedspread first. But I can't do that if I don't have the overall, general color of the room. Say, Peach, yellow, aqua. Whatever. I know I should just go with what I like and what is bright because I have a small room, but I cant decide! :( Please help how do I know what bedroom color is right for me? Thanks so much! :)