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Master Bedroom Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How Can I do an ocean theme master bedroom on a budget?

    We are planning on redesigning our master bedroom with an ocean/lake theme. The walls for sure are going to be teal and white stripes with white trim. We also plan on getting some shelves to put up, to put some little knik-knacks on. The bed is oak and the bedding is navy on one side and baby blue on the other. We also have a black black-out curtain, so we can sleep in. anything else we can do?

  2. Web sites for moroccan / indian style decorating ideas and products?

    Has anyone done this in their own home? I plan to redo my bedroom and master bath in a moroccan / indian theme and I don't want the theme to look half finished or incomplete. I would love any design ideas and or websites you might be able to share. Thanks much!

  3. Can anyone give ideas or pictures for a bedroom i want to make over?

    I might be moving back to the rents house and kinda bummed so i want to give myself something to look forward to. Thought some new paint might help. Its the master bedroom upstairs so its a large room. Im thinking black and white. I need some kind of design or pattern. Kinda goth punk but not depressing. And probably painting the wood floor and getting an area rug until we get carpet. Any ideas would help thanks.

  4. Where can I find a website with ideas of building a home?

    So, I am excited that my hubby and i are going to build our own home, we decided that we want 3 rooms, with a walk in closet in the master bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, and maybe family room. Obviously me being a "girl" wants so many things, but is there a website that I can get information such as the closets, kitchen ideas, bathrooms with tub, I care more about the inside details, any advice?

  5. How would you use shades of color on a tray ceiling to really show off it's architectual depth?

    I have a tray ceiling in the master bedroom of my newly constructed house. I am choosing paint colors and I am trying to decide how to paint the tray ceiling. Would you use 2 different colors, two different shades of the same color, or paint it all the same? Also if using two different colors or shades where would you use each of them? I know that I am going to paint my walls a gold hue. My bedding is a brick red color with gold as the accent color. It is a very elegant scroll design. I want the ceiling to look very elegant and tasteful as well--not tacky! Any ideas and advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Where Can I Find Measurements For The Standard Sizes of Different Rooms of A House?

    I am drawing out some plans for a two story house and I need to get an idea of the average size of different rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, regular bedrooms, and dining room etc. so that I know how whether or not my placing on each story is realistic. I know there are a lot of variables involved, but I was hoping there was still a website or guide somewhere that has this type of information for people loooking to design and build their own house.

  7. What is the layout of a condominium?

    I have to do this scholarship competition and it says to do the floor plan (this is for an interior design program) of a condominium for two people who love to shop at Windsor Store (which is a store that has prom dresses, other dresses, etc.) and I was wondering if I should include a master bedroom or not, because that means one of them doesn’t get a master bedroom, but condominiums don’t have two master bedrooms, correct? Please help.

  8. What are some good bedroom themes?

    My parents are getting our house modeled, so I get their master bedroom. It has white walls and green carpets so I don't know how to design it. Any tips or ideas?

  9. Any ideas for unconventional flooring in a master bedroom?

    I'm taking out standard carpet and pad, down to particle board. I don't want to have carpet again. I want to do the new flooring myself. My bedroom has sort of an "old-world"/asian style to it. (darkish wood, natural light fibers for bed, neutral colors).

  10. Remodeling a whole house French Country style?

    My husband and I are remodeling an entire house. I like the french Country style because I like it to look bright and airy, but I want it modern at the same time. We are 23 and 25 years old. I dont want like roosters and cows and quilts. Please send me suggestions and better yet pictures..We are doing the kitchen, dining room, master and guest bathroom and master bedroom Good ideas thanks! Yea it seems like i keep thinking of blues and yellows also...What kind of herbs would you suggest

  11. Decorating a bathroom to go with a patriotic bedroom?

    I'm moving into a new house and am decorating my bedroom in a patriotic/americana type theme. I don't want to copy that in the master bathroom but I would like some ideas on what would look good with that. Thanks for all ideas! The walls are nuetral and the towel racks and floor are all wood. There is a garden tub in one corner, a stand up shower in the other and two separate vanities. Thank you bookluvr! You really caught the "I'm not remodeling, I'm decorating" idea. I loved the website too! Thanks!

  12. I'm redecorating my teenage girl bedroom and I need help?

    I am a teenage girl (13) and I'm moving into a bigger room. (It's like a mini-master bedroom,lol.) I don't know the size of the bedroom but if it helps it has two windows and four walls. I'm not buying new furniture except a desk and maybe seating. I really want to decorate a room I will never outgrow till I move out. Here are my questions: 1. What colors should I paint on the walls? (that matches everything) 2. What colors should I paint on the furniture? (that matches everything) 3. Are there any cute bedding out there? (preferably an inexpensive bed in a bag or quilt) 4. Are wall stickers recommended? List all of the pros and cons. 5. Are there any cool but cheap posters I could buy? 6. Are there any interesting area/accent rugs? 7. How can I organize my room? 8. Any other creative ways to decorate my room? To make answering my question easier, I will tell you a little about myself. I love animals especially dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. I am very passionate about writing stories. I love to read, watch movies and TV shows, do art, and use the computer. I am not necessarily a girly-girl but not a tomboy. (Though, I have more tomboy in me.) I hate jewerly, makeup, and nail polish. (Dunno that would help with room makeovers.) I am not into music, sports, and things like that. I love my stuffed animals and I love candy =D Thanks for answering and sorry if this is too long.