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Master Bedroom Design Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How can i remodle my room on a cheap budget?

    My budget: about 200 or 300 dollars, lees is better! room: light brown, 2nd master bedroom i have 2 twin beds in it, a table, bookcase, dresser, nightstand on my walls i only have my panaramic 8th grade picture i'm planning to buy a collage..... on one of my walls i have 3 pictures on it it's really plain

  2. What kind of ceiling do I have?

    IN my master bedroom there is a recess in the ceiling similar to a trey ceiling but all the angles ar at 90 degrees. Statrting at about 2 feet from the walls the ceiling recesses up about 12 inches then cuts again at 90 degrees and contiues the rest of the way. Basically picture a rectangle in the ceiling thet is approximately 12 inches higher than the rest of the ceiling. What kind of ceiling is this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to paint it?

  3. What colour scheme and style is the master bedroom that you and your husband share?

    I'd like to redecorate our bedroom but I'm not into super girly bedrooms (my husband is probably glad of that fact..lol) and I'm not particularly good at interior design so looking for some inspiration! Also, for the men...what decorating elements make the room too feminine for your tastes?

  4. How to figure out the architecture style of my house?

    I live in a four bedroom, two bathroom two story house. There's a dining room, living room, kitchen, master suite, and bedroom downstairs, and two bedrooms, bathroom, and a family room upstairs. There is a walk-in attic off of one of the bedrooms. The upstairs is like..a loft I guess. When you walk in the front door you can see the family room upstairs. And when you're upstairs and you lean over the ledge to look downstairs. I've heard the words 'extended cape' once before, but I can't find any information regarding that style. I'm really curious. I know the house isn't 'custom', because several houses in my area, Long Island, New York, have the same layout.

  5. If you had an opportunity have a home built for your and your family, what would it be like?

    What style, how many rooms, one story or ? etc How would you have your kitchen designed? Would you have a pool and/or jacuzzi? If so, would you have a special shape to either? Where would you like it to be located? Please be nice, Thank you!

  6. Closet designs. I am in the middle of designing an addition?

    I am in the middle of designing our addition. I am looking for pictures on line. Websites.... not magazines for ideas. Closet design is ONE thing i like to conquer. (other designs questions will follow) Thanks. Anyone have WORDs or links or pictures to describe their dream (effecient) Master Bedroom closet ??? I am leaning to a HIS / HER with an island in the middle. Transient windows above for natural lighting. Cathedral ceilings.

  7. How do I learn how to decorate our house?

    We are newlyweds about to move from a little apt. to a house. We have mis-matched furniture. I really want our house to be cute and stylish but have NO idea where to start! How do I learn basics about decorating, figuring out what styles we like, etc. So many pictures of houses on the internet look great and I can't decide what I like. I wish I could afford to just hire someone to come and design everything for me!! If you are good at this, how did you learn?

  8. What are some DIY or home decor ideas for pea green paint?

    I have a full can of pea green paint and nothing to do with it. I was going to use it on my walls but after i bought it i realized it wouldn't look very good with what i have in the room, I also don't want to buy a whole new set of furniture but i don't want to waste the paint either. I love doing DIY projects and crafty things but i can't seem to think of a good project to use the paint any ideas?

  9. Do I remove the floor to ceiling mirrors in my l/r, cover them, or keep them?

    I have an entire wall of floor to ceiling beveled mirrors that are in grooved channels and glued to the wall. The whole wall. I just bought an electric fireplace with an oak mantle and it doesn't really go with the mirrors. They were here when I bought the house. Do I remove them, (uh, professionally), somehow cover them up with paneling of some kind, or just leave them there with the f/p in front? help?

  10. Deep Purple and Gold or Deep Red and Gold for Master Bedroom?

    Needing a lil help for our master bedroom, Im torn as to whether we should go with a deep purple and gold or deep red and gold for bedding, curtains and accents.....our bedroom is already painted a deep chocolate color which I love just needing help on the rest of it to pull it all together!! Our house is decorated/designed in tuscan theme so we have a lot of reds, golds and brown throughout. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!!

  11. Help designing my new room?

    I get to move into the master bedroom but it is going to have a pantry in it!!1 suky i know. i have a pretty low budget but i want some tips on how to decorate my room. I am a figure skater and an actress and a writer. I love to read. I want a room that reflects on my creativity but also gives me a place to chill after a long day. Pictures please!!! thx!

  12. What is your opinion of the master bedroom in the house I am designing? (Picture link)?

    I am in the middle of designing a house. I was curious about people's opinions of the master bedroom. I am in 8th grade and want to go to school to become an architect. Am I any good? http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6911455632/in/photostream

  13. if you could design your private dream house what would it look like and what would it have in it?

    if anyone wants to chat just tell me in your answer please be very specific ex:color, game room, stuff like that