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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What company made this bed and where can I find it?

    There's what the bed looks like: http://hometolife.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/home-design-Modern-Loft-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-12-469x444.jpg My room's small and I need a design where its space efficient. Currently, my room is crowded.

  2. does anybody know any good ideas for bathroom and bedroom design?

    I am completly re-decorating my bathroom and bedroom and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas. I wanted to do them in more of a modern design. So anybody know of any good websites for bathroom and bedroom designs? Or any good programs to help with the design process to help visualize the final product?

  3. Where can I browse furniture and room design ideas online?

    Looking for websites that have good upscale furniture (no IKEA type stuff) and overall room design ideas, especially lots of high quality pictures. Any suggestions?

  4. Does anyone have any pictures or ideas for a techno-style bedroom?

    My 15 year old sister-in-law wants to change her bedroom design from a mostly leopard print theme to techno. I want to help her but I really don't know what techno design for a room would look like. She doesn't have alot of money to completely refurnish the room so items like her leopard print area rug, leopard print lamp shades and picture frames will have to be used. Any ideas or pictures would be great.

  5. What are good bedroom wall paint design ideas?

    I was thinking a grayish with a hint of purple color. Does anyone have any ideas that I could use to paint the wall. I want the designer modern look.

  6. How much will it cost to renovate into this room?

    http://www.kunzdesign.com/purple-bedroom-design-ideas-with-modern-furniture-and-decoration/ It's the third picture from the top. I don't want everything in the picture. Just: the shelves the bed the color of walls table carpet my room is already that size. thank you BTW i am the one who will be painting the walls, not painters

  7. Does anyone know any good website where you can get any decorating ideas?

    Such as painting, design ideas etc

  8. Bedroom design ideas, 10 points to best answer?

    I need to design my bedroom. Here is its rough shape http://ottermad88.tumblr.com/image/42056035468 I need to include the following in the room: Chair for lounging Desk chair Corner desk Double bed Tv bench DVD storage ( preferably with the tv bench ) Wardrobe Rabbit hutch I would like to get the bulk from ikea and the hutch from pets at home. 10 points to best answer The colour scheme is red, white, and black i would like modern furniture with white walls and oak floorboard which I Andrade have. The budget is £3000 Thanks you :) Garden the link won't work...

  9. Teenage bedroom ideas containing an element of pink?

    I have a shocking pink light in my room and i don't want to change it because it was quite expensive. I'm allowed to redecorate my bedroom, but I have no clue as to how to design ideas. I have around $200 for paint, bedding, curtains and accessories. I'm quite a a clean cut/ vintage kind of person. This means for ideas I'd like a vintage and modern theme containing small amount of pink. Have you any ideas for the colour of walls, bedding colour and other ideas? Thanks,

  10. I am trying to get ideas on decorating a house. Where can I get pictures of themes hotel rooms?

    I am not sure what type of theme, but I really like contempory/modern and romantic silks for a bedroom.

  11. Any good ideas on where to put washing machine in small apartment?

    We moved out of our house and have moved into a city center apartment, the only problem is we chose to place the dish washer in the kitchen and now have no room for the washing machine/dryer. Has anyone any good ideas on places or ways to store a washing machine in an open plan apartment so it looks good?

  12. What bedroom furniture goes well with a black metal bed frame?

    My style is definitely not traditional, but some vintage things catch my attention. For example, I just love the romantic idea of a wrought iron bed. Mostly, I prefer contemporary design and need help coordinating something more modern with this kind of bed. What have you seen that looks neat?

  13. All those lurking interior designers. Any ideas on how to do a City styled room?

    I want to do a room design in sort of a city scape. But I don't know where to start. All I have right now is a massive grey room. Does anyone have ideas on how to do a city-esque room? Or can you provide links? I've been searching around, and I haven't found anything good, except for a red phone booth idea for the door. Thanks for the help! I'm looking for either New York or London. A very grungy city design to be more specific.

  14. How can I decorate my bedroom with chocolate brown carpet?

    We are building a new home and my father really wanted chocolate brown carpet. We will only have carpet in the bedrooms, and it does look really pretty, but it is concerning. I need tips on decorating without making it look tacky. I wanted my bedroom to have a modern feel. I wanted to buy either black or white bedroom furniture. The walls will be painted a creamy beige color. Any good tips or advice out there? Please help!!

  15. How to design a bedroom like a pro?

    What are the major tips or things to know when you do a room? The whole idea of picking the right color, sheets, what to get, etc is frustrating x-x

  16. What are some things I can do to "spice up" my room and make it look cool and modern?

    I LOVE blue, I would want everything to be blue. It is a smaller bedroom, so not too much room. I have already bought all new furniture, bed, desk, dresser, etc. and they are all beach colored (like a yellow-white color, like sand). I have also painted the walls blue. But I want the room to look very modern and cool, but can't get any farther than the painting and furniture. Any suggestions on sheets, quilts, pillows, accessories, lighting, pictures, etc.? One of the walls is a mirror (the whole wall), it slides open to reveal a closet, anything you can do with that?

  17. How do I make my decor look modern, as in sleek, streamlined, minimally cluttered, clean?

    Any tips on color, design, decor, lines? Or any websites where I can explore and get ideas? Or any stores? Besides West Elm. I like neutral, tranquil, masculine colors that are pleasing to the eye. Almost industrial, but just very "modern" and clean and simple. Thank you.