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Small Teen Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I am re-carpeting my old home. Is it OK to use a different color carpet in bedrooms than in hallways?

    The home is a duplex converted to a single-family home. The two hallways are still intact with 2 bedrooms off each hallway. I am planning to recarpet throughout and both hallways, living room, den will be same carpet color. Is it OK to have a different color carpet in the bedrooms or should carpet throughout be the same color. Also, any ideas for color for a small teen boy's bedroom?

  2. How to make my bedrrom more like a teen bedroom!?

    Hi everyone! So im 14 and I want to make my room alot more like a teen bedroom, but i dont mean like posters of bands and all that stuff, i want like bright colors and cool stuff like that, somewhere where me and my friends can just hang out, right now my room is soo broing, the walls are a light pale purple white yellowish-white carpet and white furniture and my bed doesnt have a headboard, it has one of those white net-canopy things, I;v tried re arranging the furniture and everythign but it still doesnt work. Is there any way I could make a huge difference without having to paint the walls or buy a bunch of new stuff, I can buy some new stuff just not paint and new bed sets and stuff. Anyway, any help would be appreciated, Thanks! And by the way if anybody knows any sites with good tips for teen bedrooms that would help alot too! Thanks!By the way, my room isnt very big and the furniture is pretty outdated.

  3. I want a country, kind of taylor swift themed teen bedroom, ideas?

    I have a small room, and i want a countryish themed room, kind of taylor swift, with light colors and some pretty designs she might use. I also need places to find furniture, i really want a white iron swirly head board or antique looking stuff. Give me all your ideasss :) btw: i don't want pictures of taylor, but i love horses. Thanks !

  4. Does anyone know any good ideas or websites to help me redo a teen bedroom?

    I am a teenage girl. I love the punk rock style but I also want my room to be relaxing. My style is also way modern and edgy. I have a sort of tiny medium-ish room so I need simple and affordable, and I need some ideas that will make my room appear bigger, too. All help is appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Any room ideas for a teen bedroom?

    My room is painting my room tomorrow, its turquiose and I need tons of room ideas. I only have $100 to spend and tons of organziation stuff and more. Please tell me where i can get the stuff or ideas at or what store i meant to say my mom.

  6. How to organise a teen girls small bedroom?

    I have a giant wardrobe that pretty much takes up half the wall which has 9 shelves and 1 shelf for hanging clothes (three of these shelves are taken up by books) along the same wall, I have a small desk and 2 cupboards for books attached to the wall in one corner and a vanity table in the other corner (the wardrobe is in between these two). Other than that I have a bed with storage which my mom uses for old clothes and refuses to let me move. I have these things cluttered around my room: -books (all my bookshelves+half my closet already have books and I still have more) -make up -accessories -Pictures -knick knacks I have a low budget and limited time. Also, I live in india so no going to target/Walmart as suggestions please

  7. How to design a small bedroom for a teen boy?

    I'm a teen age boy, i have a small 10 by 12 bedroom at best. I am thinking about redoing my bedroom. I need help on how to organise it(i have a big desk that takes up one wall, my bed takes up another, i have i big window and one small window, i also have a computer, small t.v. and stereo) I also need a color idea (i was think a orageish color) also any good web sites for ideas would be a big help

  8. ideas for a teen girl bedroom decorations without spending much money?

    i was thinking about a kind of art theme with different textures, photos and magazine clippings that kind of thing. My room is relatively small by the way. thank you!

  9. What is the coolest idea you can come up with for a teens bedroom??

    I want to know the best idea you can come up with for teenage girls room! It needs to include 2 desks and a small bookshelf...and a stereo! (one of the desks has to have a monitor on it tho)...There is NO limit on money so go crazy!!

  10. How to design a small bedroom for 3?

    I need some help, my room is in a mess! I would like to change my room into a comfortable/hotel-liked room. its for 3 teens... and it already has a fix wardrobe. I also had a computer desk, working desk and also tv console. i need some ideas to get things working =)

  11. What are good room ideas for a 14 year old girl?

    Im 14 years old and want to redo my room but need some ideas. I thought of teal walls a brown bed and black and white photos everywhere, but i dont know what else to decorate. I dont even know if i like that idea so if you have any other room ideas or suggestions PLEASE help! Thanks!!