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Pottery Barn Teen Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to decorate my room in a surfer girl style?

    I was browsing thru pbteen.com and saw a great idea for a bedroom theme. I will be moving in two weeks into a new apartment and was looking for themes. These are the two themes I'd like to work with: http://www.pbteen.com/gift/thm/thmnew/thmnewgtd/index.cfm and http://www.pbteen.com/gift/thm/thmnew/thmnewtwt/index.cfm I'm no teen, in fact I am 25 y/o (lol), but I like the simplicity of these rooms and would like to decorate my bedroom the same way. Any ideas on how I can follow this theme without having to actually buy the stuff at pottery barn teens? Their stuff is amazing but over my budget. I like the surfboard bed most esp, but find the actual bed featured too expensive. If you can actually name shops and websites where I can browse for products, it would be great. Specific ideas for accent pieces would be great. Thanks!

  2. What website has really nice bedroom ideas for teenagers or preteens?

    What website has really nice bedroom ideas for teenagers or preteens? Or photos of bedrooms and sites with furniture for teenagers or preteens? Thank you so much! :)

  3. Can somone design a bedroom for me?

    im not good at putting things together. so i need ideas. like a duvet,sheets,pillows,quilt,shams, the whole thing. preferably from pottery barn teen. thanks =]

  4. How can I make my bedroom look more mature?

    I'm gonna be 16 in a few days and I keep thinking my bedroom looks really childish. How can I make it look more mature? My walls are light yellow and the furniture is cream with wood accents. I love the bedrooms in Pottery Barn (but not PB teens!) Unfortunately I'm not allowed to buy new furniture or paint/wallpaper my walls...

  5. What are some websites that have cool bedding and bedroom accessories?

    I am redoing my bedroom and I have no idea where to look. I like Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie's style of bedding. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Does anyone have any ideas for a teen bedroom?

    I am looking for color scheme ideas, possible patterns I could use, etc. It would also be nice if someone could give me a link to a website that offers custom bedding. I am decorating a bedroom and bathroom! I've already been on PBteen and ordered a catalog. But I think I'm looking for something a little different. JConly I am the teen. I'm looking for a GOOD idea. Trust me, I have no intentions of ending up in jail!

  7. what can i do to my room because i wanna redecorate it?

    i need some ideas on a 13 year old girl's bedroom. it has to be affordable and any ideas help. you never know if i may like it. thanks :] i like the style of black, white, and another color to make a contrast. i like a style like a princess meets chic type of style. i like any color combos and i sorta want peaceful colors because i want my room to be relaxing. thanks.

  8. What bedding would go well with a lavender themed bedroom?

    So i finally decided to paint my room a nice calming Lavender color!!! But the thing is my furnitures are all basicaly white, my bedskirt is cream, my alrm clock is bright pink and my other clock is silver!!! So my parents said they'll do their best to make my bedroom look good but they are not willing to buy a lot so plzzz i need some ideas that won't cost a lot!!!! I need beddings, some picture frame ideas, and lights oh and also wall accessories!!!!

  9. How should I paint my teenage son's bedroom? Do you know any good websites with photoes of colour schemes?

    He has a fairly large, sunny room with a large glass sliding door. I want to redecorate it in interesting colours.

  10. I'm 13, have a room in my basment with ugly paneling. I want to make it a themed room, what can I do?

    I have horrible panneling in my room. I guess I could use wallpaper and not pain. I was thinking maybe and ocean themed room or a night club. If you have any ideas like themes, carpet, wallpaper or furniture suggestion, please help me!!! Thanks! Hawaian seems so freaking awesome!

  11. How should I redecorate my teen bedroom?

    Hi, I get to redecorate my room. I'm 13 year old girl and was thinking a black and white theme with some blue. Any furniture/decoration/wall decoration ideas? Nice beddings? Pics would be great! Thanks :)

  12. where can i find cool ideas for teenage bedrooms?

    i am redoing me bedrooma nd need some ideas.......a site with pics. would be good

  13. How should I decorate my kids room a boy and girl 9 and 11?

    they both share a room its the master bedroom ...what colors,patterens,divide it into a girl and boys room

  14. Designing bedroom and need a good website that has examples of rooms to look at.?

    Im a teenager and dont know exactly what i want. i love all the rooms from pottery barn teen, but want something a little more grown up. Can you please help me? Thanks!!!!!!!

  15. What are cute girl teen room ideas?

    I am either getting a black or tan shag rug. The room is kind of small, but not that small. What color should I paint the walls? What kind of bed sets(bed, dresser,night stands,etc.)? Please Include websites and pictures. And I don't want to spend more than about 1500 on the whole bed set.

  16. How can I develop my creativity? How can I be more creative?

    I want to interior decorate my place. how can I get ideas and tips how to decorate my living room, bedroom, etc:?