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Decorating A Girls Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What stores should I go to and what ideas and stuff should I do?

    What are A LOT of good stores to shop at for re decorating a girls bedroom I am 13 and I will have the room since I'm like 25 so nothing childish also stores to shop for for cute bathroom stuff and for my room the theme will be hot pink, Paris and zebra print I could also do other stuff maybe..... But I don't know any ideas for my bathroom so please tell me ideas and A LOT of stores to shop at in Minnesota

  2. Room decorating ideas?

    I am a fifteen year old girl and I am painting my room and getting some new things for it (bed sheets, curtains, etc.) and I have no idea what i should do with it. I would like for it to be brightly coloured and random and look like a teenaged girls bedroom. Any ideas for what I should do? I like animal prints, like leopard and zebra, and different floral prints aswell.

  3. I need creative craft ideas to decorate a girl's bedroom.?

    Please provide me with creative and inexpensive craft ideas to decorate a girl's bedroom. Video demonstrations are better. Please provide me with creative, fancy and inexpensive craft ideas to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom. Video demonstrations are better age 16-20

  4. I'm looking for web sites that will show me ideas for decorating a teenage girls bedroom?

    She is going to be 13, so a new teen. She has been asking for a big girls room, so that is what I am looking for is a big girls room, but yet still young and fun, not to mature.

  5. What movies do you get decorating inspiration from?

    - FairyTale: A True Story: I love the old vintage attic look of the girls bedroom, with all the whimsical fairy things. - Practical Magic: the whole house has a beautiful witchy-Victorian look. - Uptown Girls: Molly's bedroom, with the vintage furniture and canopy and star ceiling. It looks like a life-size dollhouse. - Amelie: I love the burgundy walls and the whimsical prints/paintings.

  6. What are some ideas for decorating a 4 yr old girls bedroom?

    My daughters bedroom is a light purple , I just purchased her a comforter set from target with multi colors and butterflies, I am trying to find inexpensive wall decorations that do not stick to the wall.

  7. What are cool websites for decorating a teenage girls bedroom?

    What are some good websites/stores/places for decorating a 13 year olds bedroom? Anything from furniture to accesories to pillows. I want it to be REALLY cool!! Thanks!!!!!

  8. anyone know any good web sites for ideas for decorating your home?

    latest trends in season colours etc.Just starting decorating my new home top to bottom,also my girls want a 'girly bedroom'need some ideas! thanx!

  9. Best way to decorate a beach girls room?

    I was thinking of decorating my bedroom beached themed, but what should I do?

  10. How do you re-decorate a room for a 7 year-old and a 12 year old?

    I plan on re-decorating a room for two girls who share a bedroom, a 7 year old and a twelve year old. the twelve year old really wants her own bedroom, but we have no extra room. Any tips on helping me re-decorate her room that'll make a 7 year old like it and a12 year old think that its "teenager" enough. Thank you!

  11. I want an old French feel in my bedroom. Any ideas?

    I started witha shabby chic look in my bedroom early last year and it turned out to look like a 3 year old girls bedroom (yes i overdid pink) Im trying to give my room a more grownup look this year and really love that old french romantic look (which is close to shabby) but Im afraid that i'll mess it up again.. Any ideas?

  12. Any ideas for decorating my 6 yr old girls bedroom, she wants fairies, and pink, i want to make it very pretty

    however i am on a budget so have to do it within my means. Any ideas very gratefully received, thanks x