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Decorating Kids Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Good websites that will give me ideas on decorating kids rooms?

    I am trying to get ideas on decorating my two son's bedroom - one wants a car theme and the other wants an army theme. I would like to find some good websites with lots of ideas on decorating kids bedrooms - and even other rooms in the house as well.

  2. What color or exactly to decorate my kids bedroom?

    I am moving to a house and will needed painted. I wanted to paint and decorate my kids room. Both of them are boys. Three and a five year old. They both will be sleeping in the same room together. I am trying to figure out want to do for them to be happy in our new place and they like cars and balls. I really want it to be special.

  3. I would like ideas to decorate my kids bedroom?

    I have a 10 year old girl, and a 4 year old boy they are sharing a bedroom at the moment. I would like soom ideas that would make them both happy!!!

  4. decorating ideas for a girl and boy playroom?

    I have an extra bedroom and we are looking to decorate it for the kids. Need help any ideas would be great. My daughter is a 1yr and half and son is 3. So I am looking for something unisex. Paint ideas (colors) anything. Thanks.

  5. I need some decorating tips for a kids bedroom?

    We are moving into an apartment and my kids will be sharing a room. They are a four year old boy and a two year old girl. I need some decoration ideas for their bedroom that I can do in an apartment. I know I can't paint or nail too much stuff to the walls.

  6. What are some calming, cheap bedroom decorating ideas?

    I am moving soon, and my room will be somewhat small. I have a queen size bed and I am wanting to do something cheap but sensual to it? any ideas? red is kinda my theme but i dont plan to paint the walls (they are white). any tips??

  7. where can i find pictures of decorated kids bedrooms to give me some ideas?

    it has to have red involved in the theme

  8. How can I decorate a bedroom that is used for a boy and a girl?

    I have a little boy and a little girl that are a year apart. Right now they are 1 and 2. I dont know how to decorate their room. I am trying to find a theme and colors. Any organization tips are welcome to. They have so many toys and their bedroom always looks cluttered even when I clean it. I am a first time mom and a first time house buyer. I have no idea how to decorate their room. Please help!!! Thank you!!!

  9. What are some good ideas for decorating a girls room?

    Ok now I'm 11 and I dont want anything like a little kid for my bedroom but I want a theam. What are some good ideas for it?

  10. How can I decorate my kids bedroom? They will share the room.?

    I will move and my kids need to share the bedroom. The problem is that the boy is 10 years old and my daugther is 4. I want some ideas on how decorate it.

  11. could anybody who likes to decorate give me some good tips for decorating my room?

    my room has light pink paneled walls and medium-dark hardwood floors. i currently have a closet in the corner, a bed, dresser, desk, and a random storage rack and some boxes. what could i do to decorate my room and make it MY space? what themes could i do? where could i find great things to decorate my room with, and for good prices? any tips at all would be appreciated.

  12. I need ideas on how to paint my boys bedroom?

    I have 2 boys (ages 7 & 4) that share a fairly large bedroom. I want to paint it with some cool design that they'll like now and when they get older. Any suggestions would be great.

  13. What are some nice colors for my bedroom?

    Hi(: Im a teen girl and im redecorating my room. I need some ideas on what color i can paint my room. I like pastel colors! i also like neons, just nothing dark Right now my room is green, so i would like to stay away from the greens for awhile.

  14. I need help on decorating a room that is being shared by two sisters. ages 13 and 8.Please and thankyou?

    I have a pinkish peachish wall in my bedroom , and pinkish very very faint peachish curtains in our room. They will stay there but we want to make the conforter sets pink and antoher colour ( we havn't chosen that yet - --- mybe you could tell me that) . Do you think it 'll match? I think so. opinions please. Please give me ideas for other decorating as well. Im 13 btu can sew very well and I have a 16 stitch sewing machine. So , pelase give me \crafts that i can do to decorate the room. So, Please tell me craft ideas. Lots PLEASE. Thanks in advance. Im good at craft making. Ltos of ideas please. Please give me pictures of nice conforter sets that will match the room. we will get mathcing ones. I want decorating ideas that arnt too little kid girly cause my sister alwasy likes the mature nice looks. but then again im still a bti girly in bedroom design thoguh. Please help. Thanks again in advance. Also websties would be good after you explain. thanks. sorry about my spelling , i just make mistakes when i type fast. bye