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Painting Kids Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How can I paint a world map on my kids bedroom wall?

    I would like to paint a large world map onto one of the walls in my boys bedroom, I really believe that kids should know about other countries and where they are etc, plus my kids are really interested in this. Does anyone know where I can get a large worldmap stencil or any other ideas on how to get the map on the wall reasonably accurately? Any other suggestions on further brightening up the room with a 'world' theme would be appreciated - it is a very large room which both my boys share.

  2. Murals for Kids bedrooms and nurseries, how to get started?

    I have always been artistic and have wanted to get into the business of painting rooms for children, murals in daycares and window painting. Can someone tell me how to get started? I can create a web page and make flyers, but how do you charge and what is the going rate? Any tips would be appriciated.

  3. I need to find a good picture of a pirate ship to paint on my kid's bedroom wall. Where can I find one?

    I've tried searching the internet but I've come up short. Any ideas?

  4. Does anyone have any cheap ideas for raising the resale value of my home?

    I am going to be putting my house on the market soon to relocate. Its an older 2 bedroom home. I can't afford to do any expensive remodeling (ie`new kitchen counters, gutting the bathroom). So I was wondering if anyone had any tips for what I should do to attract buyers. What are the big turn on's and turn off's when you look at a home. This is the only home I've ever bought so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. We have done some updating while we lived here, but its all been plumbing, wireing, the type of thing you can't see. I'm looking for more cosmetic type advice. Thank you! Wow, thanks so much to everyone who answered already. You all have really given me some great starting points! Now I can't wait to get started!!

  5. What are some ideas for goth home decor in military housing?

    I cannot paint the walls, and I am sick it of the boring feeling I get just sitting in the house.

  6. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to decorate a "Disney Princess" themed room for twin girls?

    Can anyone give me some inexpensive ideas of how to decorate a "Disney Princess" themed room for twin girls? I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions or input. Please no rude answers. Thanks.

  7. Does anyone have any ideas how to turn my son's room into a White Sox room?

    His bed is red and metal. Should I paint his dresser black? He desprately wants a White Sox room, but the colors are black and grey. How do I incorporate that?

  8. Could be give your professional idea please?

    I have planned to paint my bed room's ceiling with white, wall with mint leaf green, is it okay? Similarly I have planned to paint my kid's room with sun rise or orange color, kitchen with orange color, living room with sandal wood/beacon or sugarcane color. Please advise me?

  9. How can I make a paint job look natural?

    I have a oak table and chair set that I want to paint black with deep burgundy undertones or dark brown. Does anyone know which brushes and types of paint to use to make my table and chairs look as natural as possible. I appreciate it! edanddeb98, did you even read my question?

  10. How to simply make over a office/lounge in a weekend- decorating ideas please!?

    Ok, time for a new look... The rooms in question are my bedroom and my lounge office area (same area). Mostly the office/lounge room needs some work... This is like a 2nd/3rd lounge room in the house (others arent mine) not a main one so simple with my own little touches (autographs paintings etc..) I get all inspired to make it better and then... I get stuck in the ideas process! There is a large jarrah workbench which is fixed to one wall, a big tv, few computers (only one in use) cupboards.. one lounge chair... I have heap of autographs which I should do something with.. the walls are blue, like kids room blue - YUK! I dont know if I can paint them though so maybe I should blend the room to dull the walls a bit till I can paint them. Is there any websites with layout ideas, and simply effective ideas for layouts of room etc.. I need some inspiration from somewhere.

  11. How to use animal prints in a bedroom?

    We are redecorating my 9 yr old daughters bedroom. We have just painted her walls a light sage- almost lime green with white trim. She is a real animal lover and wants to us animal print fabrics in her room but I am unsure how to make it work and not overpower the room. Can I us a solid color bedding such as purple and accent with animal prints? I want to give it a jungle/safari look but still be girlish also. I see alot of various prints being mixed and matched in kids rooms these days but I am just unsure how to pull it all together. Thanks!

  12. How to decorate a hunter green room into a kids room?

    We just moved into a rental home. So excited but one of the bedrooms is HUNTER GREEN! That's not even the worse part. It has a deer at a pond border going all the way around the room. Its a guys type room. I don't have any boys just girls and we want to turn this into the play room. We got them a multi colored pink and purple lamp and a purple carpet to try to lighten it up. But does anyone have any other ideas. No we can not paint. Thanks for your time!

  13. What type of bedroom theme should I get done?

    I have a small room. I want a medieval dragon bedroom theme for an adult not a kids type. I have alot of dragon statues, 3 black dragon lamps , dragon dunar cover. I have looked at gothic types but I dont want a dark gothic theme I want a light coloured theme. Mum says red walls will look too hot in a room and dark gothic themes make my small room look smaller. Please help!