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Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas about decorating extremely small bedroom?

    11 x 9 foot. I can squeeze in a queen sized bed, (there are 2 of us), but any ideas on arrangement, storage?, decor? (Tall ceilings, tho' 11-foot. Fabulous ideas!! Any more ideas on using the 11 foot height for storage?

  2. How to decorate a small bedroom?And how to organize a small closet?

    Hi. :) :) =P. My bedroom is tiny, and im not complaining. But I need to know how to decorate it. I have a twin size bed, where should it go? I cant paint my walls to. Also, how should I decorate it. I want a black, turqouis, and white color scheme. Also I want to organize my closet. My closet is small. Its like half the size of a regular closet, literaly. Lol. Any ideas =P.

  3. How do I decorate and furnish my first apartment?

    My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment together in May. Its a small, 2 bedroom apartment and we're both 18 and very low on cash. I want it to feel fun, young and homey. Any ideas or tips on where to look for things or what I can do myself in our new place?

  4. What are your ideas for decorating small living spaces?

    I havenĀ“t started to decorate our home because I have no idea where to start. Do you have any ideas?