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Small Bedroom Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where/how to put carbon monoxide detector in a small bedroom?

    I have a gas heater in my very small bedroom (my room is only 12x12x 8 feet), and have been trying to put carbon monoxide alarm there. But every time I put and leave the alarm for only 5 minutes in the room, the alarm sounds. I believe it sounds because the alarm is less than 15 feet from the gas heater. Is there anybody who has idea how to solve this problem? Where and how am I supposed to put the alarm to detect carbonmonoxide in my small bedroom? Thanks a lot.

  2. Are there any good websites or stores where I can get designing tips for a bedroom?

    I have a small bedroom, and it's a sky blue and white. I'm cleaning it out, getting rid of all the junk, and rearranging. I want a room that gives it an Indie vibe. Any websites where I can get designing tips? Or places where I can get things under $200? In Kansas City, KS?

  3. What colour shall I decorate lounge and bedroom?

    My hsband and I want to decorate the hosue that we are renting and have got permission. We have a lilac sofa and blue carpet, have you any wall colour ideas which would look nice with these and create a warm atmosphere? Also what colours/design ideas do you have for a bedroom? We want to create a sexy boudoir, but not have to bright a colour o nthe walls. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  4. How can I make a basement bedroom more hospitable?

    My girlfriend will be moving into her friend's basement in her house; and needless to say she is down about the condition. Anyway, I was just curious what sort of ways we could fix it up to make it look and feel nicer? It is about the size of a small bedroom, and has concrete floor and walls. Idea please! :)

  5. Design ideas for small teenage apartment indie rock?

    Hey So I need to redecorate. I really do! I'm an artist, I love Death Cab, I'm a photographer, I paint, etc, love anything artistic and a little bit different. I like in a one bedroom, small kitchen, small shower room, small room (with built in wardrobes) hallway and toilet apartment. Can't paint the walls. I want some design ideas. Anything, help! Oh, and I'm practically broke. Hahah, cheers!

  6. I am currently designing my bedroom and need ideas.?

    I have a very tight budget, so DIY projects are definitely welcome. I have three light yellow walls and one light blue wall. It is a small bedroom-my furniture consists of a king sized bed, a dresser and a bookshelf (both of those are tall rather than wide-they take up less room that way). I'm looking mainly for ideas of wall art. I don't have a headboard and was thinking of making one myself, but I don't know, since my room is already small it might make it appear smaller. thanks!

  7. How to make my large bedroom seem smaller, cozier?

    My bedroom is huge. I have usual furniture in it-- dressers, a twin bed, couple pics on the wall, etc, but it still looks too big! What can I do to make it look cozier without doing something major, like painting the whole room? Please note my apartment is rented, so i can't make any major, permanent changes. I do have curtains and blinds in my room-- the usual stuff.

  8. How you would go about assessing your client and defining their needs when designing their dream home?

    Need some help with this answer have alot of ideas already but could do with some more questions i could ask a client and things i could do..Thanks in advance..

  9. How can I make my bedroom cozier and prettier?

    I am a 13yr old girl and I want to make my bedroom feel like a place I actually want to hang out in because at the moment it is sort of boring. The problem is I can't paint the walls and I only have a budget of about $60- $70. I want to make it indie or vintage looking. If anyone has any tips on how I could do this it would be greatly appreciated!!!