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Master Bedroom Decorating Photos Questions Answered!

  1. How to take attention away or better incorporate a mediocre paint job in a room?

    I recently moved into a new house and painted my master bedroom. However the finished 'look' of the room isn't as great as I had hoped. On a scare of 1 to 10 (1 being so hideous that I can't stand being in the room) it is probably a 6 so not so bad but still. What are some good and creative ways to pull attention away from the paint colour of the walls? I'm not repainting. Period.

  2. should I use black and white or color photos to decorate our master bedroom walls (photos of our little boy)?

    thanks for your input - our walls are gold and our furniture is espresso stained wood - bedding is red, gold, chocolate brown & a little bit of green. i'm thinking maybe black & whites (a grouping of 3 gallery frames) above our bed then colored ones that go in frames on our chest, across from our bed. any thoughts from anyone?

  3. Can you help with decorating question?

    I have a xlarge master bedroom with brick red "porch Paint" walls. and black baseboards. White ceiling and white carpet. How can I accessorize to make it a little less "risque" looking? I love the color.Also black curtains

  4. Is there a website I can visit to get great ideas, photos etc to paint each room in my House?

    Such as a country kitchen, a tropical island bathroom, and a grand master bedroom.

  5. Does anyone know of any websites that have good decorating ideas and photos?

    I am NO decorator.....I know what I like when I see it though, I'm in to rustic/cottage decor. I am getting ready to paint my master bedroom and master bathroom, and desperately need some ideas...I want them to coralate, but not be matchy-matchy...I also need window tx ideas for both..please someone, HELP!!!!

  6. how should i decorate my house?

    walls are oak planks and i don't want to change them every room is to be decorated i like nautical stuff...what room should i put them in? would giving my bed room a retro theme be tacky? & i have no idea what to do with the kitchen.... any suggestions?

  7. What sign would have a bedroom like this?

    http://www.digsdigs.com/photos/modern-spanish-house-master-bedroom.jpg I WANT IT. :D But yeah, what sign would decorate/create a bedroom like this?

  8. creative ideas to decorate master bedroom are most welcome.?

    remember i like navy blue with silver or white my room is big and i have painted two walls white and on the other two i have done paint effects in blue I will appreciate some more ideas.

  9. How Can I Decorate My Walls with This Carpet?

    https://www.decorpad.com/photos/2009/03/12/f5325ccf1be6.jpg That is the color of my carpet. I really like Victorian decorating, and wall papers with floral themes or toile. Only the color of my carpet is awful. What could I do with it? P.S. My furniture is all white. My bed is a canopy. I have the master suite so size also is not an issue. And it is wall-to-wall carpeting.

  10. what should i put on my wall to decorate it? teens (14-20) answer!!!?

    my house was built in '71; the wall of my room ( i have the master bedroom) is 9 1/2 feet tall. (super huge, i know.) creative ideas are 100% welcomed! remember i am only sixteen! (about to be seventeen in december:)) please nothing crazy girly;my room has an earthy-ish color scheme. i cant paint my walls:( my parents would kill me.

  11. what color should I paint my room..?

    Okay am a 22yrs male, I like elegant and casual colors. In my favorite list I have, soft yellows, tan, browns, creme. I want to paint my master bedroom to look bigger but not very bright but not very dark. The floor is tile, beige color, with linen colored grout. The room is not furnished yet. I would apreciate your opinion alot.

  12. Redecorating my small master bedroom. help?

    I have a fairly small master bedroom and connected bath that I originally tried to paint a light grey with browns reds and creams to accent. however the grey turned out a HORRIBLE blue that i HATE. I'm more of a coffee colors fan. the rest of my house is painted in tans and light mocha's with rich dark floors, red accent walls and deep purples thrown in here and there. The master bedroom doesn't feel like home at all, so I'm needing a change. I was thinking about a light cream yellow tinted wall color w/ black and cream thick striped curtains. i have this HUGE old dresser and mirror piece (passed down from grandparents, still w/ the original stain.) it desperately needs to be revamped and I'm thinking it would look nice painted black and given an antique feel. My concern, the room is not large, will the black make it feel smaller? is light cream/yellowish too bright for a bedroom? i've read yellow causes anxiety, so i don't need that. lol. This is my fiance and I's room, so it can't be too feminine. He's very modern, I like a more comfortable/classic feel (think old school New Orleans). I just need some suggestions and advice. i've never really 'redecorated' on my own, so i have all these ideas but i'm not sure where to go with them. lol. so yea, let me have it :) thanks!

  13. Master bedroom decor ideas?

    We just moved into a house, and though it was affordable and most of the rooms easy to decorate, the master bedroom has been a challenge. The walls are a medium dark wood paneling. All of the decorations I have from our old house are red, black and white...which clash badly with the brown walls. You can't paint the walls, so I'm going to have to work around them, and use brighter colors to keep the room from being so drab. The style in the rest of my house is Bohemian and Cottage. Any ideas would be great.

  14. Trying to figure out what to do about this freakin house! Any help?

    Ok. So, we have a rental house and we can not paint or pull up the ugly old carpet or lay down wood, which sucks because its really ugly, and my moms fix, an ugly old rug, doesnt look any better. There are 5 kids (3 boys and 2 girls) and my mom and stepdad. The house only has 2 other bedrooms besides the master (which has a full bath), one other bathroom, living room, kitchen/ dining room, 2 car garage, and laundry room. any ideas???