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How Can I do an ocean theme master bedroom on a budget?

We are planning on redesigning our master bedroom with an ocean/lake theme. The walls for sure are going to be teal and white stripes with white trim. We also plan on getting some shelves to put up, to put some little knik-knacks on. The bed is oak and the bedding is navy on one side and baby blue on the other. We also have a black black-out curtain, so we can sleep in. anything else we can do?


  1. Sure, if there is a specific place you like going... the ocean or lake.... find pictures on the internet and print them out and frame them. There are also shadow boxes that are easily fallible with trinkets from that favorite place. If its the ocean gather a few shells or drift wood, and sand. If you have a picture of you or your family there try to incorporate that in with the sand and trinkets. If you visit various beaches, acquire bottles with either cork or toppers of some sort and for each place fill it with sand. Label it either on the bottles side or bottom and the year. Those things your could place on your shelves. Try to make your bedroom as personal and inviting as you can without making it commercial.
  2. Wall murals are one of my favorite bedroom design ideas as it's a very inexpensive way to create your own fantasy island. You can find them as wide as 10.5 feet and 8 feet tall. Here's a couple links with teal colored water. Also consider smaller murals with portholes for windows or windows that look out onto water. Another idea would be to hang a canopy over the bed made out of cotton duck or sail cloth. It could be attached to a wooden dowel and hung from the ceiling with rope. You may find a bargain this time of year on an outdoor canopy that can be hung in a wave like pattern, going from high to low to simulate sails or rolling waves. If you have enough room why not use a beautiful outdoor lounge chair to go with your ocean theme. Think cruise ship luxury. Consignment shops may have some really cool old looking ones too for next to nothing. Also, look for nautical lamps or light fixtures, again consignment shops are a great place to scout out bargains.
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