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Web sites for moroccan / indian style decorating ideas and products?

Has anyone done this in their own home? I plan to redo my bedroom and master bath in a moroccan / indian theme and I don't want the theme to look half finished or incomplete. I would love any design ideas and or websites you might be able to share. Thanks much!


  1. moroccan indian style decorating ideas and decor http://girlsthemebedrooms.com/moroccan/IDreamofJeannieBedroom-moroccan-style-decorating.html http://mariesmanor.hotusa.org/Eastern/Asian_Inspired.html
  2. Hello, The website to start is http://www.themoroccanbazaar.com a great site and their customer service is very friendly was well. they carry some wonderfull Moroccan Chandeliers, Lamps lanterns and cool other lighting like henna lighting and wall sconces.... Lighting is King... that is what going to make a huge difference in the final look... but they also have a cool line of accessory. As far as colors... there I got a cool Ralph lauren called Moroccan leather... a bright orange stained with brown... If I was in your shoes I will leave the indian only for textiles... Good luck in your project.
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