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How can i remodle my room on a cheap budget?

My budget: about 200 or 300 dollars, lees is better! room: light brown, 2nd master bedroom i have 2 twin beds in it, a table, bookcase, dresser, nightstand on my walls i only have my panaramic 8th grade picture i'm planning to buy a collage..... on one of my walls i have 3 pictures on it it's really plain


  1. At Target for under $20: -- $4.48 Pom Pom Door Curtain --$5.09 Surf Guy 2-Pocket Pillow - don't know why it's called Surf Guy but it's a cool beige throw pillow with a pocket (I think it snaps close) --$9.99 Room Essentials Body Pillow and Cover Collection - comes in large dots pattern, choice of blue or pink shades --$10.49 Roommates Celestial Glow-In-The-Dark Appliqué --$10.99 4" Flameless Candle - scents = spiced pear (green), apple cider (red), harvest spice (yellow) --$12.99 11.25" "Hip In a Hurry" wall decals (ignore the dumb name) "Rock Star" package are decals teardrops with designs in them such as guitars, flames, skulls, the phrase "Rock Star", etc., "My Tunes" package are silhouettes of people playing instruments and singing on mics, "Blue Dots" package are decals of blue stars with patterns in each (e.g. dots, stripes, flowers, gingham, etc.), and many other packages to choose from --Mohawk Home Shag Starch Woven Rug - Tan, $14.24 for 20x32", $28.49 for 30x48" --$14.99 Purple Flowers 10-Light String --$14.99 Hanging Star Light - Blue or Silver --Dror Dot Sheet Set - Purple or Dark Green, twin $15, full $24 --$15.99 Roommates Express Yourself Appliqué - Blue or Pink (capital letter wall stickers) --$17.49 Quilted Throw - Red (50x60") --$19.98 Liberty Hardware 7" Shadowboxes Set of 2 - Green, Pink, Yellow or Blue (these make great wall shelves) --$19.99 5-Head Floor Lamp - shades of pink (they probably have other colors) --$19.99 Revolving Desktop Organizer
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