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What kind of ceiling do I have?

IN my master bedroom there is a recess in the ceiling similar to a trey ceiling but all the angles ar at 90 degrees. Statrting at about 2 feet from the walls the ceiling recesses up about 12 inches then cuts again at 90 degrees and contiues the rest of the way. Basically picture a rectangle in the ceiling thet is approximately 12 inches higher than the rest of the ceiling. What kind of ceiling is this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to paint it?


  1. It could be called a tray or cove ceiling and just paint it as you would any other ceiling. If you want to keep the height, paint it white.
  2. Well, you can paint it the same color as your ceiling, or you can paint the inside a different color, it will make the room feel a little bigger sometimes if you use the right color, you would paint the inner sides too.
  3. I wish I could see the remaining architectural detailing of your home....but if I had a tray ceiling I would play it up. I would install moulding around it and paint the interior white, and the portion going to the wall a slightly lighter hue than the walls. If your house is in an art deco design, I would hang textured wallpaper and paint that steel gray to give it a "tin ceiling" look. The possibilities are endless. I'm so jealous! All I have is typical popcorn ceilings!
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