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What colour scheme and style is the master bedroom that you and your husband share?

I'd like to redecorate our bedroom but I'm not into super girly bedrooms (my husband is probably glad of that fact..lol) and I'm not particularly good at interior design so looking for some inspiration! Also, for the men...what decorating elements make the room too feminine for your tastes?


  1. It is cream and darker colors (navy, burgundy, hunter green)....personally I hate it but we rent for now and can't do much with it. We are looking for a home and painting walls colors we agree on will be one of the first things I will do. I think my husband would be opposed to typically feminine colors (pinks, lavender, etc.) and feminine patterns like floral. He also tends to like darker colors on the bed. I have seen some very romantic rooms done in dark colors, but I also think this needs to be decided by both of you...make it your own little retreat.
  2. I'm not married. My bedroom walls are a light pale green and I have white wicker furniture. My drapes and bed cover are a pale green brocade, which can be masculine enough, because it's heavy. I consider the look Southern.
  3. I know this is odd, but me and my wife have a blue and black color scheme, we have 'christmas lights' on the ceiling. The walls are black, the carpet is blue, the lights are blue. We have charcoal like bed covers and sheets, which we switch daily with a blue set, and another black set.
  4. it's not one me and my husband share, only because i dont have a husband, but my boyfriend and i have a room that is dark red, gold, and black. Black wood furniture, gold sheets, dark red silk comforter with black and gold accents. I love it and Im not into over the top girly stuff either. Shop around online or in home magazines. It'll help.
  5. Oh i love your question...its so thoughtful to go seek inspiration instead of just doing something without his input. Here is what I did. My hubby is into old west and indian decor. I took that and watched some of his old John Wayne movies and looked at the old west decor on the movies. I painted the walls a manly blue, put up tand curtains and put an southwest theme border on the wall. I bought a bed spread on ebay with blue and tan stripes. His old west figurines and wall hangings have darker brown colors which accent the blue and tans. Ya know .....I actually love our bedroom more than any other room in the house. Its weird.
  6. We just re-did our room and the colors are khaki and black with accents in olive green and kind of a burgundy color.The style is modern, very simple with clean lines. It's very mellow, soothing and relaxing to be in. You should pick neutral colors that you both like and go from there. I kept down the girly factor by not having anything frilly or flowery and by choosing stripes and solids over patterns for fabric. The colors we chose look amazing in candle light! Good luck :)
  7. Chocolate brown and a pale teal color. Not to girly not to manly, besides he does not care. He says do whatever you want just no flowers.
  8. Our room has a white/burgundy/dark cherry brown color scheme. The walls are plain white in color, we have a round bed with burgundy satin bedding, and we have a white round canopy net cascading over the bed. The furniture is all dark cherry. And the walls are lined with dark cherry framed wedding pictures. We have several red oil lamps around the room. Personally I love it, and my husband loves it too. He says the room is decorated really sexy like. That's what I was trying to go for. :)
  9. Me and the Hubby share a mint chocolate chip theme... The focal wall is a mix between olive and lime green and the surrounding walls are a mixture of pumpkin and bronze..it worked out really well and is sooo soothing..that teamed up with some low costing decorations via candles and so forth from Dollarama worked out nicely
  10. The walls are a soft caramel-beige color and all the trim is white...the carpet is a golden tan but we plan on getting hardwood floors and a colonial braid rug eventually. The furniture is massive and solid oak in a warm honey finish-it's a style that would be equally at home in an english country manner house or the Ponderosa...it has that look, not ornate but not overly rustic either...two matching nite tables, a tall chest of drawers and my dresser is mid- chest high with 11 drawers (it's a big one) & a very tall mirror that tilts. There's a matching bookcase as well and at the foot of the bed sits my aunt's hope chest...it's about 80 years old in perfect shape and made of tiger maple & black walnut, cedar lined and a honey-maple color. because the walls and furniture are close in color & tone it keep the furniture's size from looking too massive (a decorating trick..I know quite a few of 'em) Our bed is a full or double size brass bed circa 1880 (yup, it's that old)..the mattress sits high so all you have to do is back up and your butt is right on the bed with no knee bending (love it)...the head & foot board are very high so it balances out the tallness of the chest & dresser. The bedspread is a pale wheat & off white woven 'hobnail' with a heavy canvas like backing (100% cotton) and heavily fringed all around the hem. I have a crocheted (by me) full size coverlet in off white, wheat, cranberry red, choc brown, and hunter green granny squares draped at the foot of the bed and matching pillow shams at the head, with toss pillows I have crocheted in various patterns with the same colored yarn. The window is framed by white plantation shutters that we keep open against the wall to make the only window look larger)and the full length curtains inside the shutters are a pale wheat color in a woven fabric that looks like homespun linen with an almost loose burlap texture, but they are very soft....I made the tie backs out of white oatmeal colored aida cloth with a counted cross stich pattern of roses in cranberry & wine colors....I repeated the pattern around the hem of a dresser scarf I made with the same material.....and in a corner is my late aunt's chair that belonged to her mother...a 60 year old wing chair that we plan on recovering-not sure what color yet. The few knick-knacks are my collection of carved stone cats and various wooden candles in myrtlewood, and a digital picture frame that we have loaded our wedding pix on...we turn it on at night for a night light-my husband is diabetic and has difficulty seeing in a very dark room so the digital frame lights the way for bathroom trips without being too bright. I have a myrtlewood framed make-up mirror that tilts, and a matching myrtle wood hand mirror & hair brush set on my dresser, as well as an arrangement of silk roses in a handmade vase and a collection of antique perfume bottles. The top of my hubby's chest is his personal land fill lol....oh well. Our wedding portraits hang on the wall and my artist daughter made the frames- a white polymer that she piped on like wedding cake frosting all over the frame so they look like they are iced...so cool. And over the bed is a wreath of slender branches with hundreds of amber beads glued onto them like golden raindrops...when the sun hits it they sparkle just like the brass bed. oh, forgot my hubby's 19" LED flat screen t.v.-it sits on it's own oak stand with more of my books on the shelves underneath. Except for the t.v., when I light the candles the room has a look to it that reminds me of the guestroom of a rich western rancher or a country manor home of a bygone era...the hubby calls it the Bonanza room because of it so I guess it's not too feminine, which is not my style either. warm & cozy, a cocoon for us...perfect.
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