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How to figure out the architecture style of my house?

I live in a four bedroom, two bathroom two story house. There's a dining room, living room, kitchen, master suite, and bedroom downstairs, and two bedrooms, bathroom, and a family room upstairs. There is a walk-in attic off of one of the bedrooms. The upstairs is like..a loft I guess. When you walk in the front door you can see the family room upstairs. And when you're upstairs and you lean over the ledge to look downstairs. I've heard the words 'extended cape' once before, but I can't find any information regarding that style. I'm really curious. I know the house isn't 'custom', because several houses in my area, Long Island, New York, have the same layout.


  1. Many places the deed will list the builder and the house class and name of style.
  2. Modern design has mixed and juggled up the "style" of classic design to the point that most of what you see today is either mixed, or made up. If you have the time and inclination, go to the library, with a picture of the front, and maybe side of your house, go to the architecture section, and find the earliest 20th century book you can find about the history of architecture. It will give you the classic styles, and you can kind of figure out what was mixed in your house, or if its a "classic". There are not that many real styles, and the mixing is sometimes obvious, and sometimes confusing or arbitrary. You'll put it together with a little study. Its quite fun, and then you can bore your friends in the car about all the mixed up styles you see... Have fun!
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