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If you had an opportunity have a home built for your and your family, what would it be like?

What style, how many rooms, one story or ? etc How would you have your kitchen designed? Would you have a pool and/or jacuzzi? If so, would you have a special shape to either? Where would you like it to be located? Please be nice, Thank you!


  1. I will tell ya if and when it happens!
  2. My family has lots of members with varied lifestyles. I would build a large circular building, like a doughnut. We would have a common back yard and pool for activities and swimming. We would each live in a separate section of the doughnut, with our front lawns expressing our varied tastes. I would like it to be located in a small town, but near the stores and mall. Each unit home in the module would be about 1200sq.ft. It would be contemporary in style. My ideal kitchen is galley style with lots of yellow. I love yellow kitchens! The home would be perfect for young and old alike and would serve us through many generations. We could visit without driving and share things in the back yard! Perfect huh?
  3. Spacious, modern double storey. Large black granite-top kitchen counters with laminate flooring and silver kitchen-ware, mmmmmmmmmmm... Also would include a conservatory with comfy sofa with LOADS of cushions to laze in and watch the rain! 2 bedroom is enough, and there would be a back porch with steps leading down into a large garden - accessible through double doors from the lounge. The far side of the garden would be on the edge of a cliff, with a pool AND jaccuzzi fitted in a wooden decking overhang with retractable roof over the jacuzzi... All this would be overlooking the sea, with a forest trail leading down to our private beach!
  4. If money was not an issue, it would be out on an island,only a boat or plane could get there.But the actual home would excalate down to the oceans floor. It would be made of a glass exterior oval , kinda space ship like, so I can watch my aquarium of fish all the time. (Although the fish would think I'm the one in the aquarium!!) The ocean would be my pool. The sharks would be my pets. I would have animals walking freely on the island. The Kitchen is always the main place of my home, (it's where the food is located!) and would have a large island with barstools, an area for a table and an area for some lounging couches, very comfortable atmosphere. My exotic birds would be be in their 15x15 cage in there and I would have secret walls with glass openings in every room that my exoctic monkeys would be able to bounce around in following me from every room in the house! One of my rooms would be nothing but island follage growing inside with butterflies everywhere and birds of every kind. My bathroom would not be sealed in but open because nobody would ever see me thru my windows unless they came by submarine. It would be my fantasy come true.
  5. we bought a 1972 fixer upper but it sits on the lake with a panoramic view, only if your outside!HA! it has a unfinished basement sinks in the kitchen does not work and we used marble tile for countortops BAD CHOICE, i would turn my house to face the lake with all windows and a indoor pool for my arthritis and a double car garage for my sweet husband to have a work shop.i would love the basement to be able to have my grand kids come and play and stay. a beautiful landscaped yard also. that's my dream! hows your morning! ps. we also want it to be part craftsman part cabin mix!
  6. HMM, first, my house would be a spanish type house with a tan tile driveway with some palm trees and a little "catus" (lol) j/k. the inside would have tan big tiles in the house, no carpet. maybe in the bedrooms. All over the house I would have plants and maybe a parrot, that would be sweet. The house doesnt have to be big, just big enough for my kids and family, when i get some. Pool, yes, being an independant contractor, which means I sale pools, I would have lots of fun with the pool, the list would be too big and i might have to charge you for my time, but it would envolve waterfalls, a big diving rock, a cave ,which blends into a hill, spa/jacuzzi secton with colored lights, and the misters, for a mystical effect. I have seen a house do it, it looks very nice. A pebble bottom for the pool, with the salt water instead of the clorine, the water looks much better, so the pool would look natural. The shape of the pool, it would just be big, probably a 12ft in deepend so you can dive...oh im listing...ok so now the back yard, If i would have grass it would be the fake grass "turf" its actually really good stuff. Palm trees of course, love those, some thin layers of san, with some hand carve stepping stones. The patio would be all wooden, and above would be a nice lookout deck for the master bedroom which would overview the world. The inside of the house, counters would all be a dark grannit with a lite wood cabnit style and with all the eletronics you can think of in the kitchen, so that I can do my cooking. I would have to have a big stove top big cutting board areas...all the good stuff. All the rooms would have ceiling fans, thats a must, with those huge fan type blades. Inside the house, there has to be flowers, cause I like the spanish villa look mixed with a little tropical. I love antiques like artifacts, so if those are lying around everywhere, that would be cool. Like guitars and stuff. I really want to learn how to play the guitar. All the chairs in the house would be like a wood inertwine effect, if you can picture it. I can't at the moment think of anything else, but Rose, if you gave me unlimited money to spend in real life, i would show you.
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