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How do I learn how to decorate our house?

We are newlyweds about to move from a little apt. to a house. We have mis-matched furniture. I really want our house to be cute and stylish but have NO idea where to start! How do I learn basics about decorating, figuring out what styles we like, etc. So many pictures of houses on the internet look great and I can't decide what I like. I wish I could afford to just hire someone to come and design everything for me!! If you are good at this, how did you learn?


  1. If you hire someone to come in and do it, it's their style, not yours. It's your house, do what YOU like. It may not look good, but you will know, and change it. I never leaned anything. I just do what I like. Apparently, other people do, too. I'm asked all the time for advice. I was once told, "You have an "eye". Maybe you do, too. You won't know until you try.
  2. Hi Mrs S Congratz on the wedding and home! First thing you need to establish is your style, then comes the inspiration. Most likely you will both have some input when it comes to the decor. Think about your needs / wants to live with and around. Mismatched furniture is quite do-able until you establish your style and color scheme. Don't be shocked if over a few years your styles/colors change. This does happen! Keep this in mind when making your larger ticket purchases. Knowing your fav colors in that you would like to use in each room. For instance the Master Bedroom ,you and hubby can discuss and compromise accordingly on your style, colors, materials etc. Kitchen may be your domain color scheme or even shared. My advise is not to overwhelm yourself. Just take it slowly. Research online stores, such as www.potterybarn, Overstock, Ikea for 'ideal rooms' that you like. Keep a budget and balance in check for the rooms. Savings from one room can be added to another room as you are decorating, and so on. As you complete one room at a time, your style and inspirations will come to surface. Life's a Journey have Fun decorating your new home!
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