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Do I remove the floor to ceiling mirrors in my l/r, cover them, or keep them?

I have an entire wall of floor to ceiling beveled mirrors that are in grooved channels and glued to the wall. The whole wall. I just bought an electric fireplace with an oak mantle and it doesn't really go with the mirrors. They were here when I bought the house. Do I remove them, (uh, professionally), somehow cover them up with paneling of some kind, or just leave them there with the f/p in front? help?


  1. If you remove/cover them your room will seem to a lot smaller. If possible try to keep them.
  2. Covering them with panelling will become a problem later on. What happens if you want to hang a picture???....once that nail reaches the glass...things start to break under paneling. If it was left to me...I would have them removed....since it's obvious you don't really like them that much.
  3. I would leave the mirrors,put the fireplace in front of them and glue a sconce to either side of the mantle. The light from the sconces would reflect off the mirrors when lit and look like a double sconce.
  4. No, have the mirrors removed professionally. With something as classic as oak, the mirrors (very sixties art deco) clashes. And your room need not look smaller. Opposite to the fireplace, if possible, hang a large picture mirror with a frame that matches the rest of your decor. It will still help to open up the room without seeming tacky. Covering them up is a bad idea. What if something happens to your house and (for example) and electrician needs to get behind them? I lived in a house once where the entire master bedroom was wall to wall mirrors (guess what the previous tenants' hobbies were) and couldn't wait to get rid of them. I don't think they are the best design choice for a living room or bedroom!
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