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Deep Purple and Gold or Deep Red and Gold for Master Bedroom?

Needing a lil help for our master bedroom, Im torn as to whether we should go with a deep purple and gold or deep red and gold for bedding, curtains and accents.....our bedroom is already painted a deep chocolate color which I love just needing help on the rest of it to pull it all together!! Our house is decorated/designed in tuscan theme so we have a lot of reds, golds and brown throughout. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!!


  1. Hi Bridget, Color Choice Red with Gold I would suggest that the Master Bedroom you choose the Red and Gold. Red ignites Passion :o) with that said what else is left to be said! Though you wrote Purple as your first choice the Red works well with your Tuscan themed home ( pretty too ) When choosing red look for something with more blue undertones. This shade of red will not be a jarring color to be around when in your bedroom. Red that has more yellow to orange undertones can be a bit too excitable for the bedroom. So think of a deep red and be sure to use a tinted primer for best coverage if you are not using an all in one Paint. I have listed my favorite website for you below should you nee any further ideas or inspirations, though you sound like a well decorateded home already!
  2. I can picture a deep red tapestry fabric for your bedspread. Perhaps an upholstery shop would be a good source for the material. The curtains could be also be a tapestry fabric, this time with more gold in with the red. Gold cord edges on the bedspread would add a touch of luxury. If the fabric does not come wide enough for a seamless bedspread, gold cord could also be sewn along the seams. If you like purple as well, use some of that color for small accessories. Here again, a tapestry or multi-color effect will allow it to blend in well with the rest of the room's d├ęcor. All those deep colors will make for a nice dark sleeping environment. But you'll want to have plenty of light available when you need it. Do you like gold-tone lamps and hanging fixtures with prisms?
  3. Hi, We would suggest you to go with Gold and Deep Purple for you Master Bedroom. After all you rule your own castle. Throughout the ages, gold has symbolised wealth and sumptuousness... In Medieval religious art, gold was a holy, heavenly colour. Good luck with your painting project!
  4. Well, how big is the room firstly. if the room is smaller, I would go with a deep red. Personally tough Im biased towards deep red, since its my favorite color. If you have more red in your home then purple though, go with purple. Or, if you honestly can't decide, You can do gold as the main color, and have deep reds and deep purples as the accents. They have colors that go well together. Here are some ideas: http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/pop_zoom.php?img=JewelofDenialDecTips_800x600.jpg&dir=decorating_tips&id=58&prefix=resize http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/pop_zoom.php?img=Go-Diva_DecTips_800x600.jpg&dir=decorating_tips&id=43&prefix=resize http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/pop_zoom.php?img=MoulinRougeDecTips800x600.jpg&dir=decorating_tips&id=41&prefix=resize
  5. My first thought was purple because I love it with gold, but after reading about the other colors in your home and the brown walls, I think red would look best. Here are some things that might help you decide: http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/product_page_multiple.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524892727173&pfx=pfx_shopcompare&cid=shopping3&mr:trackingCode=AC8997C6-64F2-DF11-AD70-001517B188A2&mr:referralID=NA http://www.dillards.com/product/Reba-Richmond-Reversible-Bedding-Collection_301_-1_301_502868498 http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=red+and+gold+bedding&hl=en&cid=11024576795054599381&ei=DeVpT6z2NJfKmgeRrKXODg&ved=0CBsQ8wIwBA#p http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_09678197000P?sid=IDx20070921x00003a&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=09678197000 http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Sherry-Kline-Victoria-Red-6-piece-King-size-Comforter-Set/6441446/product.html?cid=123620 (scroll down) http://the-candy-company.amazonwebstore.com/7-pc-modern-red-and-gold/M/B005HIVI7Y.htm?traffic_src=froogle&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=froogle http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?DeptID=85990&CatID=85990&Grptyp=ENS&ItemId=1d6314d&sisearchengine=182&siproduct=Nextag&cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-NexTag-_-Bed%20%20Bath-_-Meadowood%2010%20Piece%20Comforter%20Set%20More&srccode=cii_9324560&cpncode=27-103385007-2 http://www.touchofclass.com/product.aspx?p=I032-001&code=WMX05
  6. Yo will need to decide based on which of those colors (red or purple) looks ok and compliments your chocolate walls. If you can find either of those colors along with some brown and gold in the bedding, it should work. Keep in mind, as you probably already know, the room will be a dark room with the dark walls and dark bedding. To add some light, I would use a mirror or two, lots of gold and lighting.
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