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Help designing my new room?

I get to move into the master bedroom but it is going to have a pantry in it!!1 suky i know. i have a pretty low budget but i want some tips on how to decorate my room. I am a figure skater and an actress and a writer. I love to read. I want a room that reflects on my creativity but also gives me a place to chill after a long day. Pictures please!!! thx!


  1. I would paint the walls a soft pastel colour, bright colours aren't good to chill out in! Paint the walls a soft mint green colour, and get a thin strip of wallpaper, with pinks/blues/greens/purples/yellows in it, all pastel colours of course & put it along the top of the walls. I would then get a bedspread, white or an off-white colour, very lacy & frilly & beautiful & get curtains to match, as well as pillow cases of course. Now get lots of little cushions & things in different sizes & shapes in all the pastel colours of the wallpaper & put them on your bed. Get a rug for the floor in another soft pastel colour. All these ideas can be really cheap, buy the paint & bedspread & make your own curtains & cushions.... it can be a lot of fun! Work around with many ideas until your find the one for you! Good luck =]
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