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if you could design your private dream house what would it look like and what would it have in it?

if anyone wants to chat just tell me in your answer please be very specific ex:color, game room, stuff like that


  1. what i would do is have the back door have a little room in it like to be more clear have a little mini room before u go where u could put shoes in and have a liitle padded window bench thing and make it cute and stuff
  2. My dream house would look like a Spanish style house (w/ stucco (sp?)) on the outside. I would want to have a guest house out by my in-ground pool. On the inside, I would want a huge, professional grade kitchen (I love to cook). It would have to have a movie room because my husband and I watch and own a ton of movies, and I would like to have a soundproof room for him to play guitar in. I would want about 4 bedrooms, and I would want each to have its own bathroom. Other than that, I'm not picky lol. So, apparently I'm going to have to become very rich in the near future.
  3. Wow-what a question! Currently I would like a straw-bale home made to look like a Spanish Hacienda with a courtyard in the middle big enough for a fountain, an outdoor kitchen, and perhaps a firepit. And of course lots of plants and such. And a covered walkway all around. But the interior would have all the latest amenities. The master bathroom would be beautiful. I would like a huge walk-in shower with multi-jets, seating ledges and natural surfaces and a huge tub that has a picture window to look out of. I love Moroccan decor, so the bedroom would have to be opulent with color and texture: velvets, wools, silks, jewel tones, brass, candles, etc. Very sumptuous yet comfortable enough to put your feet up so to speak. The kitchen would be full of light and warmth, with big stone countertops and plenty of room for cooking. Big sinks, and windows overlooking the courtyard. I would love a brick oven outside for baking bread in too. Hmmm....that's about it for now. Just a taste of what I dream of. But I wouldn't turn down a home just because it wasn't my dream home. Home is what you make of it, and I can be happy pretty much anywhere. Thanks for a great question!
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