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What company made this bed and where can I find it?

There's what the bed looks like: http://hometolife.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/home-design-Modern-Loft-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-12-469x444.jpg My room's small and I need a design where its space efficient. Currently, my room is crowded.


  1. I have seen those before and they are NOT made by a manufacturer, they are all home built. The main reason is that it is a safety liability to have that rolling chair up above like that and no manufacturer would risk the possible lawsuits from someone getting hurt falling off. You can also see that this is a home-made job due to the construction and types of materials and hinges. If you show this picture to a good carpenter or cabinet maker they should be able to build you one for not a lot of money. It's really a simple construction anyone with basic carpentry skills could make.
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