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does anybody know any good ideas for bathroom and bedroom design?

I am completly re-decorating my bathroom and bedroom and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas. I wanted to do them in more of a modern design. So anybody know of any good websites for bathroom and bedroom designs? Or any good programs to help with the design process to help visualize the final product?


  1. IKEA IKEA IKEA. Got to there store and they have a program which allows you to design it there for FREE! Plus they have really really good modern pieces, not to mention value for your money. They even have sample models (true-scale)
  2. Go to HGTV.com for decorating ideas. Then go to see what is available locally. If you aren't selling your home, there is no right or wrong, just what makes you happy. Enjoy
  3. I like the IKEA idea. Also on HGTV, there are programs in the afternoon and evenings on bath and bedroom remodeling and make overs. You might try going on line at hgtv.com. That site is incredible for ideas. Home Depot has books on designs for make overs. Most home improvement stores do have magazines and books for the do it yourselfer.
  4. The best design usually comes from you. Look at some design sites (ikea IS good) like west elm and crate and barrel for modern design. Go to the library/ bookstore look at architectural design magazine for the latest trends. Pull out ideas of what looks good to you. Take them to one of the free design services like Expo or go to your local college to see if they have a design program, there will be lots of new design students who will enjoy giving their opinion, for free.
  5. You should visit http://www.allaboutthehome.info/ for great ideas on bathroom & bedroom designs & other DIY- decoration tips for your house. In fact this site helped me to find contractor for my work...
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