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How can i decosrate a room with 1930s art deco bedroom suite?

I want it to be bright and clean and modern looking but dont know what colour sheme to go with. I have a large gentlemans wardrobe, ladies wardrobe bed and dressing table. They are all a dark rosewood/walnut colour. Any tips would be fantastic or if anyone can show pics for ideas i cant find any online :( xx


  1. I also like that antique feeling when I decorate. I recommend furniture made out of real colorful wood and not metal. I'm not sure if you want large furniture pieces or small but you can find some of all different sizes from the site below. They also have a lot of pictures that you can look through to get some good home decor ideas.
  2. Please do not paint that antique wood. you can't find Ideas because you are looking into modern sources. Go to google.books.com and do a search for Art Deco, circa 1900-1940 FREE ebooks. See what comes up. Chances are it would not be color pictures but you might see some furniture ideas and design ideas...
  3. I understood to to say that you already have an Art Deco styled bedroom suite. In the 1930's it was. Dry popular to paint the walls green. Not pastel green or apple green but like a medium green. I personally prefer a pastel green. It would make the furniture really "pop"! Often times the bedrooms had a muted floral patterned rug or one that had just a repeating leaf design. Your can really outfit the room with 1930's accessories. Visit your local antiques shop and tell them what you are looking for and they will show all the Art Deco styled things that they have. Good luck!
  4. What ever you do, do not paint the wood. I moved into a 1920's house dark oak wood trim, and 10 layers of paint over it, very disappointed. I personally love the off white with a tint of yellow paint (Fortune Cookie, the color I painted my dining room and living room) with white picture frames/ shelves. Also, some old items mixed in with modern items i.e. a old night stand with a modern lamp on top. Google some popular items in the 1930's, some look-alike items are coming back into style or could easily be found in pawn shops and garage sales that just need to be cleaned up a bit. Good Luck!!
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