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Whats an affordable way to design my bedroom to make it more comfortable?

I dont have a whole lot of money but im tired of looking at my room, i've got red cotton sheets, and a black and grey comforter on my bed.....a blue rug and white walls with beige trimming, a blue recliner, i dont know what i should put in here i haven't had a whole lot of experience designing, i dont know what would look good and make it more welcoming. Please help.


  1. [Professionals... You're not going to like my suggestion at all, but please save your retort for the Martha Stewart types.] You don't need experience or money. All you need is Paint. Paint. Paint. And...maybe a rug. (A beach towel can work as a rug, if you're really strapped.) Oh yeah... and good music. Back to paint. Don't go for perfection. Good enough will be better than you think, anyway. And, since you don't need to match colors exactly, you can pick up paint at crazy prices. When money isn't a factor, everything is more fun, right? Most paint stores have "dump stock" in the back; hardware stores have "oops! paint" (custom-blended paint mistakes) sold for next-to-nothing. Or just pick up a few bottles of acrylic craft paint and slap a few big polka dots on the wall. My daughter has painted shapes, stylized graffiti (ugh.), characters, all kinds of cool stuff to pull her room together and make it her own. And, it is constantly changing. It's liberating to know that you can change it all tomorrow, fix whatever you don't like, or add to the masterpiece on a daily basis. (A little sand paper and white primer go a long way.) And, over time, you just tend to get better at the whole deal - picking colors, painting techniques, knowing what works, what you like, what you don't - all that decorating and designing stuff. Luckily, friends have blank walls they don't know what to do with, too. Don't forget the basics: Take the necessary precautions to protect against spills and splatters. Dispose of paint properly. (I'm a "regular" at our community's Hazardous Waste Disposal/Recycling Days.) Take "Before", "During", and "After" Pictures!!
  2. 1 Paint the walls - cheap and easy. 2. Lighting always makes a room more comfy and appealing. Ikea has a lot of neat lighting sources, or go to this website to learn how to make inexpensive lighting: http://www.curbly.com/LittlePDXhouse/posts/1086-Really-inexpensive-lighting Even Christmas lights can look cute! 3. Depending on the rug, you may be able to bleach it and dye it another color to match the red/black/gray. RIT dye is inexpensive and you can pick it up at the grocery store. 4. Art on the walls. Do it yourself (splash red, gray and black on some thick paper - voila! Modern art, play around with it, its fun) or hang pictures. One easy, cheap and fun way to display photos is get a long piece of yarn, beading wire, or anything like that, get some paperclips, clothes pins (paint them!) or cute clips and clip them to the yarn/wire! Here is an example: http://www.curbly.com/alttext/posts/74-Easy-Photo-Wall-on-a-Shoe-s-string-s-wire-Budget 5. Make some throw pillows for the recliner! SO easy and cheap. Go to your local fabric store, wal-mart, or wherever sells fabric and look in the castoff or scraps bin. http://www.ehow.com/how_5853_make-throw-pillow.html I think the red/black/gray is a great color scheme and you should work around that. Go to some DIY sites, watch a little HGTV (or go to their website!) for inspiration. Hope this helped!
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