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I am re-carpeting my old home. Is it OK to use a different color carpet in bedrooms than in hallways?

The home is a duplex converted to a single-family home. The two hallways are still intact with 2 bedrooms off each hallway. I am planning to recarpet throughout and both hallways, living room, den will be same carpet color. Is it OK to have a different color carpet in the bedrooms or should carpet throughout be the same color. Also, any ideas for color for a small teen boy's bedroom?


  1. yuh
  2. I think that its fine to put different colors in the bedrooms. Why not. And for the boys room try a blue, a darker blue with white trim looks great.
  3. I think same color throughout is more seamless and better. But if the color of the rest of the carpet doesnt go with your bedrooms hmmm. I suggest cooling colors for your teen boy as they need a quiet place to wind down at night
  4. The clue here in your question is " My Old Home". It's yours to do what you wish to do with and dont need others to affirm you. Good Luck :)
  5. yeah thats totally fine our entire house including the hallway has hard wood floors except for the bathroom and bedrooms the bathroom has stone like stuff and the bedrooms have carpeting
  6. As long as the colors coordinate well & flow - yes. This was how my mom had it in the house where I grew up & it looked fine. However, I stayed with someone who had an orange copper in the hallway, a dusty blue in one bedroom & fuschia in another & it CLASHED - omg.
  7. Hm...it depends. One uni-color would make the whole house more unified. However, if you want a different look and style to each of the rooms, it might make great sense to do different colored carpets. Just make sure they blend well together and work well together if you stand side by side in the different rooms.
  8. Yes, absolutely fine. I think Berber carpet is the best for any room that will get a lot of use (hide stains/dirt)
  9. I just had the same question when I recarpeted recently and was told that the bedrooms don't necessarily have to match. I choose the same sandy beige in living room and dining room which are attached, up the stairs and into the hallway and the master bedroom and guest room. The other two bedrooms are different. One of my son's ...a teenager too... has a darker more caramel color (great choice) and the other a deep, deep plum (horrible, shows every piece of lint).
  10. Unlike a few years ago with guidelines for the decorating of your home were narrow in view, today anything goes. Most any interior decorator will tell you that the real answer to your question is .. what is YOUR preference, it is YOUR home, and if you are pleased with the way something looks then the sky is truly the limit to your creativity and what is "ok" or not. I say have fun with it, use your imagination even be a bit ecclectic if you like.
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