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How to make my bedrrom more like a teen bedroom!?

Hi everyone! So im 14 and I want to make my room alot more like a teen bedroom, but i dont mean like posters of bands and all that stuff, i want like bright colors and cool stuff like that, somewhere where me and my friends can just hang out, right now my room is soo broing, the walls are a light pale purple white yellowish-white carpet and white furniture and my bed doesnt have a headboard, it has one of those white net-canopy things, I;v tried re arranging the furniture and everythign but it still doesnt work. Is there any way I could make a huge difference without having to paint the walls or buy a bunch of new stuff, I can buy some new stuff just not paint and new bed sets and stuff. Anyway, any help would be appreciated, Thanks! And by the way if anybody knows any sites with good tips for teen bedrooms that would help alot too! Thanks!By the way, my room isnt very big and the furniture is pretty outdated.


  1. Buy some beeds and put those in yout door way.
  2. Don't worry, Mine is the same way...only i'm redoing everything. Why can't you paint it? New paint is one of the best ways to make a room cool-looking. I'll share what i'm doing, and you can take any ideas that could work for you :) I'm painting my walls, three grey ones and a silver one. Taking out my carpet and putting in that wood stuff. I'm also getting plants, like bonsais and cool little ones for my desk. I'm getting a navy bedspread and navy curtains with lime green beads. Stereo, and pictures of all my friends and pets and family in cute picture frames, and all my old Tshirts that either got holes or too big/small I'm turning into pillows, in addition to buying some new pillows. lamps are also a great way of lighting up a place and making it look cool. I also need to get a cute little chest for my dog's toys. Good Luck ffrom a fellow 14 year old! :)
  3. so i was going to answer with posters of bands and of people you wanted to hang out with. when i was a teenager, i had every rock band i liked posters' on my walls, and people that i wanted to be like taped to the walls. this was my wallpaper. i realize now that it was okay. anyway, i know that's not what you're looking for. so heres a suggestion. talk with your parents. they'll be able to help you out. tell them it's your room and you want to make it your own. and you're going to be there for the next "whatever" years and you want it to be you. they should understand. now really think hard on what you want your room to feel like.. and think about what color scheme you want. the second link tells of how certain colors can affect our mood. pick a color that you like and paint your walls that color.. or go to home depot or lowes or where you get paint and see what catches your eye. you can change your cabinets and stuff really easy too, by painting over them (unless they're antiques, in which case don't). use a color that complements the other color of your walls.. or a color that you like that highlights or contrasts your primary colors of your room. if you want some kind of headboard you might need to buy a whole new bed set.. which costs quite a bit.. you might just want to make one look like it.. you can buy a screen and use that.. by sewing new fabric onto it.. or put pictures of yourself, family or friends on it.. just little things like this can make your room more like you.. start out small first.. pick one wall and try out the colors that appeal to you.. think of other colors that make the main color pop.. paint your furniture .. be adventurous.. itll take time for you to get there, but your room will eventually be your own.
  4. I know of a product that will make a huge difference in your room. They are upholstered wall panels that are modular and you hang them over the bed for a headboard. You can choose any colour or fabric and it will really add a modern look to the room for not a lot of money. Check out their website to see their design gallery. Good Luck
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