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How to decorate my room in a surfer girl style?

I was browsing thru pbteen.com and saw a great idea for a bedroom theme. I will be moving in two weeks into a new apartment and was looking for themes. These are the two themes I'd like to work with: http://www.pbteen.com/gift/thm/thmnew/thmnewgtd/index.cfm and http://www.pbteen.com/gift/thm/thmnew/thmnewtwt/index.cfm I'm no teen, in fact I am 25 y/o (lol), but I like the simplicity of these rooms and would like to decorate my bedroom the same way. Any ideas on how I can follow this theme without having to actually buy the stuff at pottery barn teens? Their stuff is amazing but over my budget. I like the surfboard bed most esp, but find the actual bed featured too expensive. If you can actually name shops and websites where I can browse for products, it would be great. Specific ideas for accent pieces would be great. Thanks!


  1. Both are really nice. I am a thrift store junkie, start visiting your local thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales for stuff. If you have an Ikea store around, definately do your shopping there for the bigger items. Google Ikea, they have an on-line store, you will love it!! Have fun!
  2. I did my bedroom in a nautical style and used a paddle for the valance, draping fish net around and down the sides of the window for a "curtain". You could get a old surfboard with a missing fin for the bed backboard or valance. You don't want the fin on it anyway. You can get fish net by the foot at a marine store. I tea dyed mine to make it look old. I used a sea shell wallpaper border at the top of the walls and ragged them in a sea foam green tones. World market would be a good shopping place for nautical stuff to compliment your theme.
  3. I personally like the second room.....however if you like the first one look into flea markets and repaint the board yourself. You can still bring in part of the second design as to buying hooks and hang from ceiling and buy sheer curtains and hang them up with curtain clips. Some accessories which can be inexpensive could be a fish net over a large wall (they come in different colors and they are inexpensive) hot glue some star fish, sea shells, etc...... go to garage sales and buy old clear vases and fill them with colored sand and place some sea shells in them. Buy a large fake plant and wrap white lights around it and place in the corner. Keep up with the colors such as blues, light greens and white. Garage sales are the best to find things and make it your own.
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