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What is a good warm colour for a 13 year old girls bedroom?

I am looking for a good colour to paint my girls bedroom. Id like it to be a fashionable colour and out will not go out of date soon. And are there any ideas for decoration?


  1. Peach. Palest pink. palest green with yellow highlights. OR: One wall a deep color and the rest an almost-not-there pastel of that same color. In decorating, allow lots of room for hanging things and a big bulletin board for her memories -- maybe cork-board a floor-to-ceiling section of an entire wall or a short section of wall if the room has an odd shape. Make sure the bed is located somewhere natural light falls on it -- teens do SO love to sleep in, and it's harder if the sun lights the room at normal getting-up hour. Good luck.
  2. You should go online and check out color charts. Try Sherwin Williams. They have one on their web site. It will be easier to see what will coordinate with what they have in their room and what they like.
  3. Well Since i'm Gothic....... BLACK BURGANDY AND DARK PURPLE.
  4. It depends,actually. From the place where you live. If where you live the weather is really cold, I think a warm colour would be red or green. Never light colours, 13-year-olds hate it. Red makes you feel more cosy, and it makes teenagers focus easier.
  5. I am a thirteen year old girl! :) My room has moulin rouge wall paper on 2 or the walls and pale pink painting on the other 2. On one of the pall pink walls ( above my 2 beds ) i have 2 black and whit photos of marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn. Wine coloured carpets. I really like it. If thats not the way to go for your girl, black and white rooms with sofas... are stunning. Turquise (light and dark are very nice) :) Hope you have fun decorating!!!! Wish i could help! xxxx
  6. I like the bright colours for teenagers. It looks great with one or two walls done in one colour and then a single or the remaining walls done in a different contrasting colour. Or do it white and go mad on the accessories instead! Or all white and the wall the bed is on a really bright jewel colour...easy changed and quite cheap to re do! This is good if like me you have teenagers who change there minds a lot! All i do is buy a few diff bedsets with matching curtains and a few accessories and they can change between the three or four colurs as and when they please. Add some accessories, funky lamp, cushions, big floor cushion, picture frames etc and that should do it. You get nice wee bits and bobs from Ikea, Au Naturelle and even the PoundShop
  7. http://img.hgtv.com/HGTV/2009/02/04/dp-riehl-red-bedroom-s4x3_lg.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0ELQP4cLxF4/SMsTzA8RJiI/AAAAAAAAHVI/yoOdst31MEU/s400/blue%2Bteen%27s+bedroom+2.JPG http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_lW4o2C02q5U/SRGJaCUjryI/AAAAAAAAAdo/v_EaJuJeze0/s400/teen-bedroom-ideas3.jpg http://www.interiorenhancement.com/annGBA1.jpg
  8. Im 15 and i have a black feature wall and a very dark purple on the other walls. I know your probably thinking EWW GLOOMY, but its really cool for teens who like darker rooms, and rock band posters look awesome against the black wall, Darker walls also allow smaller things to stand out more, like a bed or a dressing table. It depends on what she likes. My mum wanted to paint my walls pink, it took 2 years for her to agree on 1 black wall. Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnRrl5seWziqXQHK8F1zjVTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091017064731AAQKHiP
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