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What is the nicest colour to paint a baby boys bedroom?

`What is he nicest colour to paint a baby boys bedroom? `What is he nicest colour to paint a baby girls bedroom?


  1. Baby Boys:Baby Blue Baby Girls:Light Pink
  2. Personally if it's a girl's bedroom i'd go with light yellow with white, or some light purple with white If it's a boy's bedroom i'd go with some light blue with white or light green/brown-cream ^^
  3. I figure the colors blue and pink are so plain, why not do something fun!? I did my daughter's room a two tone color, there were four walls..Two of them were a light, pastel pink and the other two were a pastel yellow! We then went to Michael's and got wooden letters and painted them white to spell out her name! For a boy room, I like a pea green color like this one: http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/951973_MtZIQBA6_b.jpg Love, love the color! And it's so different from the typical colors! Or, if you did want to go with the typical colors, another thing you could do for the boys room is follow the same two tone idea but instead with a pastel blue and a pastel yellow. Hope I could help!
  4. I painted my baby boy's room pastel blue with a pastel yellow accent wall.
  5. Baby blue for boy and pink for girl is overrated. I picked purple for my baby girl. I think if i ever had a boy i would do light green
  6. For my sons room me and my fiance painted it baby blue. For my daughters room we painted it lilac I am 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and we are painting it baby pink and white.
  7. My son's room is a bright green. I didn't want a pale colour. I would have done a girl room is purple. I think the baby blue/pink is too over done.
  8. I read an article, years ago, about the best way to paint/decorate a child's room which is best for stimulating their brains; medium plaid colors. 'Theme' decorates, tend to stagnate their thinking process.
  9. You can paint the room whatever color you want to. It's a matter of preference. My son's room is a light olive green color.
  10. Blue
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