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What color or exactly to decorate my kids bedroom?

I am moving to a house and will needed painted. I wanted to paint and decorate my kids room. Both of them are boys. Three and a five year old. They both will be sleeping in the same room together. I am trying to figure out want to do for them to be happy in our new place and they like cars and balls. I really want it to be special.


  1. One of the cutest things I've ever seen is a room where the family made a border of their handprints all around the room in different colors. Not only is it personal, but I'm sure the kids will have fun doing it.
  2. Use light blue..on the walls put boy things ..pictures of planes trains cars balls footballers etc ..on either side near the bed put a rectangle of black board paint for them to chalk on ..this can be painted time and time again and it keeps them from destroying the rest of the room..space ships ar another good design..
  3. green with dinosuar border, just did it looks great! replace the border whenthey get older.
  4. I personally think you should pick a solid color...such as a light blue, and then use wall stickers. They are not permanent so you may change them as the kids taste change. I currently rent so painting is not an option, I do have space theme in my oldest sons room (With glow in the dark stars) Nascar Racing in my middle sons room, and Winnie the Pooh in my baby girls room and in the playroom. When I am done with these stickers they easily come off the walls and leave no residue. You can easily scatter them on a wall or make a boarder around a whole room for very little money. I think in all I spent $150.00 with shipping and handling. (I got a great sale price on some of the bigger stickers and only bought 2 large ones for each room them went with smaller 8in. stickers for the rest of the room) Just google wall stickers or wallies and you will get many stores that sell them. Etoys.com also has them. Good luck and have fun
  5. Do you have a bed? If not-here is a link for a loft bed w/a tent. Its so cute. Too bad its not a bunk bed, though. Then you could get the sports bean bags, basketball clothes hamper.. etc sports bed: http://www.roomville.com/products/productDetail.asp?PROD_ID=357&DEPid=0&ROOT_dept=0 sports bean bag chairs: http://www.target.com/gp/search.html/601-6331324-2538546?field-keywords=basketball%20bean%20bag%20chair&afid=yahoosspslp&lnm=basketball%20bean%20bag%20chair&ref=tgt_adv_XSJH1060 I wish my 4 year old wanted sports, I have found many more ideas and things to go with sports. but he wants monster trucks! I may get a tire and dip it in brown paint and make muddy tire tracks over his blue walls. Then hang posters up and maybe even get a wall murial. Also hang or paint road signs. if you do a search on wall murials and/or road signs you will find lots of ideas. the murials are really too expensive for me so I may try to do it myself! (MAYBE) they also have the wall "stick ups" for sports or cars. they are removable stickers. do a search if your interested. anyway. good luck and have fun! =0)
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