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How can I paint a world map on my kids bedroom wall?

I would like to paint a large world map onto one of the walls in my boys bedroom, I really believe that kids should know about other countries and where they are etc, plus my kids are really interested in this. Does anyone know where I can get a large worldmap stencil or any other ideas on how to get the map on the wall reasonably accurately? Any other suggestions on further brightening up the room with a 'world' theme would be appreciated - it is a very large room which both my boys share.


  1. Buy a poster , you can get massive enlargements at specialist print shops..
  2. Hi, Firstly if you get a map of the world, say from a map , or even print one out from the internet, go to ur local library , or someplace that can do photocopies, and get them photocopied onto an overheard transperancy sheet, ( you might have to buy these ), then , hire out an over heard profjecter, ( or ur kids school ) might have one, that you can lend, then , put the overhead on to the projector, and trace out the countries on the wall.
  3. if you want this to be a diy project, a good idea would be to invest in an inexpensive projector (if you already have one that's great) and project the image of the maps you want onto the walls. the projector will enlarge the image, and you'll be able to paint right over the projected image!
  4. Give a student artist a summer job for the day. They my become famous and so will your wall
  5. I'd go with either the OHP method or even a slide photo projected on the wall. You could print out the countries onto acetate and then cut them out yourself if you wanted a stencil.
  6. well u could buy a poster and put that up or buy the poster and copy it !! Thomas
  7. I've done this with an overhead projector. Takes a little time & patience. The design can be simple or intricate. Lock the door tho. You don't want anyone to jiggle the projector. It's like a giant paint by number. If you want to take it with you, start with a 4'x8' sheet of 1/4" plywood. Cut to size to fit wall if necessary. Prime well. Project image to fit. Six small screws will do to hang it. Good luck. (The bonus here is you can work on it in another room or the garage.) Don't forget to let the kids in on the painting part.
  8. What a great idea! (When I was growing up, I had a collection of National Geographic maps in my room, and I loved them!) I think the overhead projector is your best bet. Most schools have several--try starting there. As for other decor...what about a travel theme? Passports, luggage, airplanes, foreign currency? If you're thinking of handpainting the map, you could also stencil and paint a border around the room. Or, since the world is mostly water, you could go with a nautical theme, ships, buoys, whales, and so on. And, while you're doing the map, even though it wouldn't be accurate--consider letting your boys create their own country somewhere, maybe in the middle of the Pacific. They could name it, give it a capital, even create a flag for it. Good luck with the project!
  9. you need a transparancy and a overhead projecter then just trace it on the wall and paint.
  10. This is what I did in my room as a kid. I come from a long line of house painters. My dad was sick of paint, so he did our entire hose in exotic wallpapers. In my bedroom, I wanted something different, so I collected maps, arranged them in the room how I wanted them to go, and then one night the whole family joined in and we hung the maps like wall paper. Then, after it all dried, we varnished it with a clear acrylic varnish to protect it. It is still one of the best rooms in an extremely finely finished house. If you use the canvas maps from National Geographic, then they really hang like wall paper. Normal paper maps grow a lot after they're pasted, and are extremely flimsy. Like all wall pappering, after you paste the piece, it's best to let it relax and grow for a few minutes, or else it will grow on the wall and you'll get wrinkles. I also had a metal globe, took it apart at the equatorial seam, and used it to make two plant holders. I was the only kid I knew who had no interest in tacking posters on his walls. My walls were already super cool.
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