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What are good ideas for a teenage boys room to smell good?

Everytime he opens his bedroom door it smells like a mens locker room what can I do or put in his room so it would smell good and won't seep into other parts of my house. I don't want to hurt his feelings ..... I just need a solution for this locker room smell. Help please, I've tried sprays also.


  1. febreeze!!! and air fresheners. if you don't want to hurt his feelings, buy one for your room and some other rooms of the house as well, so he doesn't think you bought it because his room smells.
  2. use colonge
  3. theres this little can called AXE it'll do the dirty job, plus girls loove it
  4. febreeze, or axle body spray, or a scented light plug thingy. :)
  5. Keeping all the linens clean works, like sheets/comforter etc. If you put that deodorizing powder down on the carpet before vacuuming it will help alleviate the smells as well. Finally, if he has a dirty clothes pile in his room it is necessary to keep that to a minimum. Other than that if it still smells then you're out of luck. Maybe a glade plug-in?
  6. get a large rubbermaid hamper with a tight fitting top and tell him to make sure he puts his clothes in there with the top sealed. then, suggest he start leaving his shoes on the front or back porch, in the laundry room or, in the garage.
  7. Its not what you put in his room , it what you have to take out of the room , loook under the bed!
  8. Well eliminating Oder's and covering them are two different things make sure all his dirty cloths are washed and not stuffed some where in his room and make him clean his whole entire room then open the window to let some of that funk out and lysol,fabreeze spray and glade plug ins are good for a nice fresh clean smell but make sure you dont use it to cover the odor because it wont work good luck!
  9. You might try plants and the vacuum-up carpet fresh plus febreeze. But the best way is probably to get him some foot powder to put in his socks before he wears them. It will help with that locker room smell after he takes them off by absorbing the sweat from his feet. It will help with any future fungus trying to take root as well.
  10. My younger brothers(all 3 of them, imagine THAT smell) are the same way---I move out of the house and can't stand to go back because it's like the smell multiplied! Here's some tricks my mom uses: *Sneak dryer sheets wherever you can hide them, under his mattress, in the bottom of the laundry bin, in drawers. *Regularly spray the room with febreeze, the kind for surfaces and for air. My mom goes through a family size bottle a week. Guys don't like Febreeze usually, don't let him know you're doing it. *Don't use scented air fresheners, they just make the room smell like berry breeze body odor--NOT pleasant. *Regularly ridding the room of dirty laundry helps, as does changing his sheets regularly. *Try to encourage your son to shower before laying in his bed, I know this is tricky and you might have to be creative in how you get him to want to shower. Cash or food rewards are always welcomed ;) Good luck--boys are gross, and sadly they never grow out of it, I have to encourage my fiance to shower and put deodorant on as well, *sigh*
  11. If he has a window try opening the window, when he is not home and opening the door to his room. If he has carpet in his room, when you vacuum, use a carpet deodorizer. Spray some air freshener in his room, the kind that has the baking soda in it to absorb the odors. If he has a clothes hamper in his room, tell him to keep it in the laundry room or basement. Buy him some Odor Eaters for his sneakers and shoes. Good Luck!!!!!!
  12. Wash bed sheets weekly, keep clothes picked up. the smell will soak into the carpet. Wash clothes and carpet clean. all gone.
  13. First~ Have the carpet scrubbed! (If there is carpet) Then fill a dishpan full of baking soda and place it under his bed. Put several boxes of baking soda in his closet or wherever he keeps his shoes. Make sure his dirty laundry is in a closed hamper AND taken to the laundry room at least twice a week. Maybe every Friday and Tuesday so it will be easy to remember. Change the soda out the first of every month. Make sure he doesn't keep dirty plates, food etc in there.
  14. I Febreeze my son's room about once a week (carpet, bed, and closet) and I also bought a scented oil Plug-in and stuck it in one of his sockets. I don't even think he knows it's there. Also, I bought him a hamper just for his room and when it gets full (every couple of days) he knows to do his laundry. It helps keep the dirty clothes from laying around and making the room smell bad.
  15. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ POOR MAMA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ open the windows have the carpet cleaned leave his shoes outside wash his sheets 2x a week shower b4 bed clean closets do not use a spray to cover up smelly~boy~smells its a hygene problem coming from adolelesence your job is to teach him not to leave his smell behind. If you don't his wife will blame YOU lol. I feel your pain mom and I can smell that teenager from here ! ~~~~~~~~~~ "not really :) good luck"~~~~~~~~~
  16. All the ideas you have gotten are good ones... here's one more: Sew a small cloth bag out of any extra fabric you have, even a scrap of an old tee shirt... place several charcoal briquettes in the bag before you close up the last side..... Place this bag under the bed, or in the closet, or anywhere out of sight.... It will absorb odors and lasts for months... Also.... you could make a few extra of these bags for under the seat in your car, anywhere you want to reduce odors...
  17. try putting a plug in air freshener in his room that should make it smell sweet.
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