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Any ideas about decorating extremely small bedroom?

11 x 9 foot. I can squeeze in a queen sized bed, (there are 2 of us), but any ideas on arrangement, storage?, decor? (Tall ceilings, tho' 11-foot. Fabulous ideas!! Any more ideas on using the 11 foot height for storage?


  1. put big mirrors on your wall(s), it will make your room look bigger
  2. Wow... that's a closet! Light color paint and decor... to make it look bigger. A big mirror on one wall. Maybe a small bookcase to hold items ... like a clock radio, candles, etc.
  3. 1] clear underbed storage containers - for clothing, etc. - as many as you can fit [ two on each side? ] 2] dividers for closet shelf - for hats, scarves, gloves; sweaters; Ts, handbags [ stack like books, with ends out ]; summer hats, totes, etc. 3] shoe racks - his and hers. Store winter - everyday [ work ] -athletic -summer; left to right. Then put dressiest in back, with casual towards front. 4] use nightstands for nightwear; keep tops for lamps, clocks, tissues [ additional things used frequently in basket in top drawer ]. If shelves, use for books./magazines. 5] maybe two tall dressers in room, or large armoire, instead of dresser? Depends on how drawers arranged. [ mirrored dresser could be used as sideboard in LR or DR. ] 6] Get a small print for bedding, curtains in colors you both like. Use one of the colors for walls. Add a few throw pillows in wall or print colors. 7] get mirror or art print in room colors for over bed.
  4. 1st I would use light colors to make the room appear larger if you paint,,,storage,, I use these long 5 feet,,,,narrow,3 feet not very high may be 7 inches,,they fit under the bed,, I can get 3 under my king w/ room to spare,,,,11foot ceilings you might want to use some shelves as tall as 10 feet,,but shallow in depth maybe 10 inches..2 side of each other,,to me the most important thing is( being organized ) keeping the clutter down to a small amount,,and if you can install a ceiling fan that would help in the summer & winter aswell good luck ,,I hope I helped in some way,,,you can get the storeage bins for about 15 dollars each the really do and they have lids that come with them...
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