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Where/how to put carbon monoxide detector in a small bedroom?

I have a gas heater in my very small bedroom (my room is only 12x12x 8 feet), and have been trying to put carbon monoxide alarm there. But every time I put and leave the alarm for only 5 minutes in the room, the alarm sounds. I believe it sounds because the alarm is less than 15 feet from the gas heater. Is there anybody who has idea how to solve this problem? Where and how am I supposed to put the alarm to detect carbonmonoxide in my small bedroom? Thanks a lot.


  1. You should get your room tested by a professional for carbon monoxide. The alarm is designed to detect the presence of CO (carbon monoxide) and it's detecting it. Since you're living in the same area the alarm is in, you're being exposed to that CO. Don't mess around - many, many people have died in their sleep from CO poisoning. Some causes of CO generation are caused by the exhaust gasses no being vented properly (blocked chimney), or blocked source of fresh air. Both these situations can kill you. Call a certified heating and cooling guy. Do you really trust life and death questions to anonymous people who have no qualifications to answer those types of questions?
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