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How can I make my bedroom a super cool place for me and my friends to hang out in?

I can't really get new furniture or anything - I'm sorta stuck with the ones I got - but I can get new accessories/decorations and that kind of thing. My room is sorta small and I am not very neat so it gets very cluttered a lot and then it seems even smaller. I try to keep it as clean as I can, but I'm a very busy person, so I have a tendency to just fling stuff on my desk/bed/floor on my way out the door rather than take the time to put it away. Anyways, what I'm saying is, right now I have a very boring room. I would love to turn it (INEXPENSIVELY <-- that's important!!) into a super cool place for me and my friends to hang out in. How can I do that? Any suggestions/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance1


  1. Place your bed against a wall. Get some throw pillows (or regular ones) with fun colors and use them to line the wall to make a sort of couch when your friends are over. If you have a TV and DVD player in your room, set it on a bureau across from the bed so you can all hang out for movies. Find or make a small table to use like a coffee table for snacks or to play games on. Decorate your walls with blown up photo's of fun times with friends and family. You can get pictures blown up pretty cheaply at drug store like Walgreens. But first of all, clean up the mess, open the window and freshen things up, no-one wants to hang out in a messy room.
  2. Get some inexpensive curtain rods for your walls, go to a "Bed Bath and Beyond" store, or somewhere like that, & get shower curtains to hang from your rods. They have all kinds of unique designs! Our living room curtains are shower curtains of the ocean with bright, colorful fish. You could have a different theme for each wall, or make them all alike, or just do one or two walls. You could have outer space, beach, stars, trees, cartoon characters, whatever you like. Have fun!
  3. I love love love to buy decorating magazines and take inspirations from rooms in them! Even if its a room that is verrrry expensive looking, there is always a cheap alternative to peices you like in it. Also try Craigslist.com and search your city/area. There is a 'furniture' tab and also a 'free' tab. There are great deals on there, its just like ebay but tons cheaper!!! Dont be thrown off by furniture though. If there is a table on there you like for $1 Get It!! You can always repaint or redo everything to make it look like you want!!
  4. Lots and Lots of cusions that can stay on your bed when your not using them, and can be used to sit on when your friends are there. Also, bean bag chairs, or inflatable chairs - which also can be easily stored when not in use! Get lots of fairy lights and a disco ball - sounds cheesy, but they create great effects in the dark. Things like a minifridge, and a chocolate fountain can also be cool for parties, etc.
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