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How should i decorate my living room in my 1 bedroom apartment?

The walls and carpet are white... My sofa and recliner are a cream color. My plasma is silver and i also have a silver tv stand(with glass) I have no clue about decorating so any tips would help. And please don't just say, put whatever i want up.


  1. you should go to ikea they have awsome decorating ideas. if there is one around you of course they have modern things and there cheap. also you might want to get ideas from magazines. i would use the colors: beige silver and white with a color of red or purple or dark green or any other dramatic color. b/c if you use only white silver and beige it will bo to dull but it will look good. i would recomend a dark color just to add something bold. try to use as less colors as possible itll look better than having 100's of colors
  2. I think the silver items you have so far are a great start. For a one bedroom apt. your going to want to have a lot of storage - that no one can tell is storage. They make really cool coffee tables and autumns that are hollow so you can hide stuff in them. If you have a Christmas Tree Shop near you. They make the best matching boxes with lids, some are wicker. some are made out of wood. Also they have bookshelves and totes for pretty cheap if you don't want to go the "Ikea" route and spend $200 on one item. Sticking with three different basic colors in the one room is always a safe bet. Using the Beige, the Silver, and whichever other color pops out at you. I would use a Dark green or a dark brown if it is your bachelor pad. If you have a girlfriend you might want to brighten it up by using a royal blue, or a bright yellow. Also less is more. In a small apartment you want to have very minimal focal points. Pick one favorite art sculpture and one or two favorite wall paintings or photos. Good Luck!
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