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What is some ways i can decorate my room to look like beauty and the beast themed but more adult?

i don't want the disney stickers like they use for kids


  1. use the castle's decoration as inspiration for the walls, take the lavish and vivid colors used for ur bedroom colors, get nobs for ur dressers and drawers to be more whimsical in appearance and make them light in color. the curtains should be more elegant and draped just like the curtains in the movie...to make it more grown up, mimic the structures, scenery and colors used to create the same mood the movie gives off.
  2. If you don't want the characters in your room and want a more sophisticated look that is influenced by beauty and the beast, I would go with a romantic look, maybe get a nice tea set, in the colors of your choice, but something elegant and pretty to look at for decoration. (http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/tokens_and_treasures/images/tea_set.jpg) Get a vase of really dark rich red (fake roses) for decoration, and for you bed and linens get a really deep colored duvet and an oriental rug. Mix in a nice bookshelf, some old hardback books, and you're set! Keep your decorations mature and elegant,but true to your personality! Something that also might be more inspiring would be to get a print of the original Broadway poster for beauty and the beast, as it looks more mature.
  3. You could consider a mural. Dreamworlds - The Fine Art of Wall Painting, provides a software which allows you to create individual mural designs tailor-fit to your wall. The cut-out motifs used to combine your design in a collage-like way are drawn by Rainer Maria Latzke. Dreamworlds also has certified resellers to create designs for you should you not like to do it yourself. The software contains imagery of parks and castles, as well as plenty of other themes.
  4. i suggest you to visit http://shopping.surfindia.com/decoratives/. here you will definitely find many ideas of decorating your room as you want. you will find many other ideas as well.
  5. http://mariesmanor.hotusa.org/Princess/bedroom-decor.html
  6. This castle motif might help: http://www.ehow.com/how_4710295_paint-faux-castle-walls.html
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