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How to make a Arabian princess bedroom..?

My daughter wants her room to look like a Arabian princess room. Does anyone have any ideas or pictures i can look at. :)


  1. Check out the disney movie about the arabian princess and that has alldian in it.You can also get one of the net curtians that hang over the bed from walmart and attach beads to pillows and curtains.A good place to find materials from east indian dresses is second hand stores and the have amazing bead work you could use for wall art and pillows.
  2. Lots of cool ideas here: http://girlsthemebedrooms.com/moroccan/IDreamofJeannieBedroom-moroccan-style-decorating.html http://indiwo.in.com/india/features/design-home/arabian-bedroom-decor/15461/0 http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/design/design_inspiration/factsheets/199.shtml Hope this helps!
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