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How to decorate bedroom with a free people feel?

I'm redecorating my room and the store free people is really inspiring me. I know anthropologie has a lot of cool furniture and bedding, but that stuff isn't exactly in my budget. Any suggestions?


  1. go to ikea. lol. free people is like my fave brand. also urban outfitters has some cool bedding with that kinda vibe and you should buy fabric and put it on your wall. i dunno how to describe it but i saw it at ikea and its soo cool. its like a strip like a ft wide of a really nice fabric and u get like three of those and separate it on one wall. it looks unique
  2. Hmmmmm well you could decorate each wall with a different place such as seashore, tropical rainforest, mountains, and just normal outside. Like for the seashore wall, you could put pictures of beaches and oceans on it, and put picture frames with seashells on them, and stuff like that. Then for the 'just normal outside' wall, you could put pictures of your and your friends backyards and pictures of you and your friends having fun outside, swimming, riding bikes, etc. You could put a bulliten board up on that wall and put little realistic butterfly pictures on it, and just fun little stuff like that. Good luck!
  3. anthropologie isnt in your budget but free people is...? try roxy and billabong decor, or surfish beach brands like that. maybe look at craigs list for like thr dresser, bed, ect. then go to other more expensive places, for the accesories
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